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Live pest-free with PestFree365+

Worrying about pests in your home is something no one wants to do. Don’t jeopardize your health and safety, or that of your family and pets. Live pest-free all year long with Western’s PestFree365+ plan.

PestFree365+ is a year round pest protection plan for your home. It offers the most effective and innovative approach to pest control by targeting over 36 of the most common pests, including ants, spiders and bed bugs keeping them from invading your home all year long – guaranteed! With PestFree365+ you will have peace of mind knowing your home is protected against pests, 365 days a year.

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Control pests with PestFree365+

At Western, we believe in a proactive approach based on monitoring, prevention, and maintenance which allows us to stop pest problems before they ever reach your home. We know every home and family is different, so your Western Technician will work with you to develop customized solutions that are right for your lifestyle, home, family, and pets.

pest free 365+

What to expect with PestFree365+

Your highly trained and licensed Western Technician will care for your home and quickly respond to any concerns that arise whenever they arise. With PestFree365+, you’ll receive:

  • A thorough interior and exterior treatment to rid your home of any pests and start your ongoing protection during your first scheduled service
  • Follow-up visits from your Technician to reinforce the exterior protective barrier for your home and treat for any pest problems identified
  • Interior visits, termite inspections, and additional service calls at no additional charge
  • Practical recommendations from your Technician for services, products, and actions to help prevent future pest problems

Your Technician will always be on the lookout for factors that could affect pest activity in and around your home.

Protection from over 36 pests

Pest-free living means year round protection from over 36 pests with PestFree365+. Below are a few of the most common pests that are covered with PestFree365+. Additional services can be added to protect against termites and/or mosquitoes for complete coverage for your home.


Contaminate food and surfaces and can cause costly damage


Large infestations can trigger allergies and asthma symptoms

Occasional invaders

This includes centipedes, earwigs, millipedes, and silverfish


This includes mice and rats and prevents the spread of diseases and property damage


Scorpions can be dangerous indoors because of their ability to sting.


Some species can be venomous, posing health risks to humans and animals

Stinging insects

This includes carpenter bees, hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets

Stink bugs

Ability to emit a strong and unpleasant odor when disturbed

Benefits of PestFree365+

Western’s PestFree365+ is more than a preventative pest plan, it's a promise that we will provide pest-free living from over 36 of the most common household pests all year long — guaranteed! Pestfree365+ includes regularly scheduled services by a trained Technician that include:

  • Protection from the most common pests – PestFree365+ covers over 36 of the most common household pests.
  • Highly trained, local Technicians – Western Technicians are state certified and licensed, so you can relax knowing you are getting the very best service in the business.
  • Regularly scheduled preventative services and inspections
  • Unlimited service calls at no additional charge – Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you have any pest issues between services, one of our Technicians will come to your home to solve the problem at no additional charge.
  • Recommendations for preventing future problems – Your Western Technician will recommend simple steps you can take to prevent pests from invading your home.
  • Convenient monthly payments with EZ Pay
  • The Western Difference – What sets us apart from our competitors is our personal touch. We employ the most effective and least invasive treatments possible. Your Western Technician will provide professional service in the safest possible manner that is respectful of your time, your home, and your family.

Frequently asked questions

Are the products that Western uses safe for my children and pets?

Western only uses products registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), in accordance with label laws. Your day-to-day life typically will not be affected by your service. If your Technician determines you have a pest issue necessitating a product that requires special attention, they will advise you of any potential safety precautions.

Will I see a decrease in activity right away after the first treatment?

After any treatment for an existing pest problem, you may see a temporary increase in activity. Product applications can sometimes stimulate pests to move. This is a sign that the treatment is working and should subside within a few days. If the problem persists, please call us and one of our Technicians will conduct a follow-up visit at no additional charge.

What if I see pests in between my regular visits?

Your PestFree365+ service includes unlimited service calls for covered pests at no additional charge. To ensure that we can address the pest sighting before it becomes a larger problem, call us. A customer service representative will schedule a service with one of our Technicians as soon as possible.

What happens to my service if I move?

The great news is that you can transfer your PestFree365+ plan to your new home at no additional cost! If the new homeowners at your previous

*Service frequency will vary based on geography. PestFree365+ does not include the following pests: honey bees, flies, lice, dust mites, mosquitoes, exterior ticks, ornamental/turf pests, slugs, snails, termites, wildlife, birds, and brown recluse spiders. Voles and fire ants are only covered if they are in the home, we will not treat the lawn. Home must be free of bed bugs at the initial service to qualify for coverage of bed bugs under the PestFree365+ plan.  Automatic Payment is required for PestFree365+. Treatment terms defined in your plan. Limitations apply. See plan for details. For qualifying homes only. Valid only at participating locations. Single-family dwelling units only. Offer expires 4/30/2024.

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