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Occasional invader articles

Getting rid of pantry pests in the kitchen can be a hard task. If you have pests invading your kitchen, call Western Exterminator today.

Once the weather cools down, pests abandon their natural environments for a cozier place – your home. Here are some tips for preventing fall pests.

Wondering about pests in the walls? We’ve come up with some likely causes – notorious pests that find their way into the wall and ceiling voids of homes.

What is a brown marmorated stink bug? Learn more at Western Exterminator, and contact us about brown marmorated stink bug control.

Ever wonder how to get rid of crickets in California? Western Exterminator tells you about types of crickets in CA and how they chirp.

Bugs with lots of legs can move fast and look scary, but despite their appearance, they shouldn't be feared. Check out this list of bugs with lots of legs.

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