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Bird control and removal services

When you think of pests that can cause property damage and bring a host of health risks to your home, there's a good chance you don't think of birds. However, birds can cause serious damage to both residential and commercial properties. In fact, pest birds cause property owners over a million dollars in damage each year. Finding the right bird control and repellent solution for your home or business is important.

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Birds: the complete guide

Learn all about birds that could impact you out west.

Control birds: the Western way

Western Exterminator offers both residential and commercial bird control services. Proper bird management can be difficult depending on the size of the property, bird species, nesting location, and severity of the problem. Effective bird control requires the use of reliable deterrents to ensure a long-term solution to any pest bird problem. Our bird control methods are based on:

  • Area of application
  • Bird species
  • Location
  • Accessibility

Western Exterminator Technicians are the experts in bird control. Our humane and cost-effective control and deterrent methods and products provide the safest resolution that will not harm the birds or disrupt your home or business. We’ll work with you to decide on the best method for your home or business.

Residential bird control

For residential bird control, your Western Technician will perform an inspection of the exterior of your home and report on any susceptible areas that may need exclusion services like your attic, dryer vents, or any gaps or openings on the structure of your home.

Our exclusion services can then be combined with one of our ongoing preventative products, like Avian Block™ or Bird-Out™. These products will provide long-lasting protection against birds for your home and property. The repellents contain a naturally occurring non-toxic compound that is found in Concord grapes, Mandarin oranges, and other plants, and work by irritating the bird’s trigeminal nerve, causing the bird to relocate. They do not negatively affect the bird, people, or pets.

Residential bird control


Why do I need bird control for my home?

Bird damage has cost homeowners millions of dollars each year. Birds like to nest in places like the eaves, roofs, gutters, and vents around your home. They will even nest in roof vents, which can potentially block air flow, and can even get into attics and other spaces.

Bird droppings can corrode house siding, different types of metal, and the paint on your car. Their droppings can make sidewalks and driveways slippery and can ruin the look of your home. There are also several diseases that birds and their droppings carry which can negatively impact the health and well-being of people.

Commercial bird control

Bird control for your business will be tailored to your business’ needs. Your Western Technician will work with you to develop a custom bird control plan for your property. Our bird proofing methods include:

  • Exclusion solutions - Solutions such as netting, galvanized screening, sheet metal, and strip doors block access to areas for roosting and nesting.
  • Perch modification systems - Wire deterrents, spike systems, and bird coil/spiders prevent birds from roosting and perching, coaxing them into areas of less concern.
  • Behavior alteration deterrents - These deterrent systems, such as sound dispersal and taste/smell repellent, condition the birds to avoid a particular area without harm.
  • Clean-up/sanitation services - Proper clean-up is essential and is performed before any system installation. Federal, state, and OSHA regulations are always followed.
  • Pigeon trapping - Our proprietary trap entices birds into a stress-free environment with food, water, and shade. Our specialists perform humane removal under local, state, and federal laws.
Commercial bird control


Why do I need bird control for my business?

Most pest birds create a lot of problems for businesses, including:

  • Property damage by dislodging roof tiles, blocking guttering, building nests, and leaving droppings that corrode building material
  • Aggressive attacks on customers and employees, especially during the breeding season when they are defending their young
  • Spreading diseases from carrying fleas, mites, ticks, lice, and other biting insects, posing a serious health risk

Birds around your business can create a negative impact on your company. They can nest and roost on company signs and in any internal structures around your facility. This can cause an abundance of shed feathers and droppings around your property, which can lead to diseases being spread and can give your brand a bad rap.

Frequently asked questions

Can birds be controlled?

Yes! Any type of bird deterrent or control product will help control the birds on your property. Our residential products, Avian Block™ and Bird-Out™, are perfect solutions for your home, while our commercial products and deterrent methods will deter birds away from nesting near your business.

How do you get rid of a bird infestation?

If you are noticing an infestation of birds on your property, contact us! To control a bird infestation, it is best to work with a pest control company that specializes in bird control. Our Technicians will work with you to put together a control plan to safely and humanely eliminate the birds from your property.

How do you stop birds from building nests?

Any of our deterrent products will help to stop birds from building nests on your property. We offer various bird deterrent methods for both residential and commercial locations that provide excellent bird control and work to keep your property bird-free.

Are there natural repellents for birds?

Yes! Our Avian Block™ and Bird-Out™ deterrents are both great natural methods to get rid of birds on your property. Our aromatic bird repellents contain a naturally occurring non-toxic compound found in Concord grapes, Mandarin oranges, and other plants. It works by irritating the bird’s trigeminal nerve, causing the bird to relocate. It has a slight grape scent and does not negatively affect people or pets.

What do birds do when their nest is destroyed?

It really depends on the bird species. More often than not, birds will abandon their nest and location once their nest has been touched by a human. Some bird species will come back year after year to the same location, even if their nest was harmed the previous year. Knowing what bird species you are dealing with will help in understanding what will happen after the nest has been removed.

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