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Rodent articles

General rodents

If you believe to have seen mouse or rat droppings in your home, you have a rodent control issue. Learn how to handle mouse or rat droppings properly.

DIY rodent control myths busted

There are lots of methods of DIY rodent control, but do they work? We look at the common natural rodent repellents and discuss them.

Common Arizona rodents: pack rat, house mouse, deer mice & roof rats

The most common rodents found in and around homes in Arizona are pack rats, mice, and roof rats. Learn more about them and the risks they carry.

California wildfires: Rodents seek shelter in homes

With all of the destructive wildfires in California and other parts of the country, rodents tend to seek shelter in your home.

Is it a mouse or a rat?

It is common to see rodents, but identifying the difference between mice and rats can be difficult. Learn the ways you can tell them apart.

Survival skills and health facts of mice and rats

Though they may be unhealthy for us, mice and rats do have some very impressive survival skills. Read on to learn more about these intriguing mammals.

How to outsmart mice and rats this fall and winter

In the fall, rodents start looking for warmer places to hang out — like your home. Check out our tips for rodent prevention!

Why rodents infest older homes

Through they may have amazing architectural elements, historic homes are attractants for rodents. Find out why rodents infest older homes.


Relentless Rodents: An Arizona Rat Race

While Arizona winters are warm and dry, with temperatures dropping into the low 50s at night. See what you need to know about these rodents.

Why you should pay attention to rats in Oregon

Rats in Oregon can be a problem. Find out more about the roof rat and Norway rat, and learn how Western Exterminator can help you get rid of rats!

Rats: Is your business at risk?

The risk of rats in businesses is certainly not something to be ignored. We outline four common ways your business could be inviting them in.


How do mice survive the winter?

During the winter, one of the pest problems that become prominent is mice. Find out how mice survive the winter months by getting indoors.

The costs of a mouse exterminator

Having mice can be troubling but some fear what the costs of bringing in a mouse exterminator could mean to their budget.

The House mouse - get the facts

House mouse droppings around your home or business can be a bad sign. Learn vital house mouse facts from Western Exterminator’s infographic.

What diseases can I get from mice?

What diseases do mice carry? Mice play a significant role in the transmission of pathogens to humans. Avoid these pests with Western Exterminator.