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Why you should pay attention to rats in Oregon

When you’re relaxing at home or visiting a business in Oregon, the last thing you want to see is a rat scurrying across the floor. These pests are common in the Beaver State, however - especially on the western end of Oregon. For instance, if you live in the Portland area, rats are a steady problem.

Rats can be scary to come across, but they bring with them a host of potentially severe risks too. These rodents gnaw on items, such as wood, aluminum siding, and even electrical wiring, which not only creates structural damage, but create a fire hazard. Rats consume product and  can also contaminate food,creating a big problem if you operate a commercial property like a food processing facility. As if that’s not bad enough, rats can also transmit disease.


As fall and colder weather draws closer, rats may soon become more of a concern as they enter properties for shelter. It’s important to know more about rats in Oregon and what to do about them. Western Exterminator specialists are prepared to help you get rid of rats and recommend how you can make conditions at your premises less conducive to an infestation. If you suspect rats have invaded, call 888-444-6138 or reach out online to arrange a time for us to check out the situation and determine the best course of action.

Roof rat

One common rat species in Oregon is the roof rat. This rodent is 6-8 inches long as an adult, with brown and black fur. Roof rats prefer milder weather, so the Beaver State’s temperate climate provides a nice fit. Roof rats are good at climbing and are often found higher up in a building. They will use trees, fences and utility lines to invade structures.

Norway rat, brown rat

Commercial property owners may also encounter the Norway rat. These rats are 7 to 9.5 inches long and have brown fur with black hairs. The area under their body is lighter-colored. Norway rats are usually located in underground burrows. They usually occupy nests in places such as walls and crawl spaces. In Oregon, areas around waterways are a common place for Norway rats.

If you see a brown rat, it could be a Norway rat, but no matter what kind of rat it is, this critter should not be inside your home or business and you should contact a pest professional to eliminate it.

How to get rid of rats in Oregon

Rats can get through small openings to enter a structure, so it’s important to prevent them from invading your Oregon property. Excluding rodents involves sealing holes at your building to hinder entry.

You can play your part by closing up any gaps, cracks or crevices on your premises, including holes in your foundation. At Western Exterminator, we also offer an exclusion service for both homes and businesses that can help keep rats out, so reach out to us to learn more.

Besides exclusion, eliminating possible spots of rat harborage is crucial. This means you should trim long vegetation, which can provide shelter for rats and help them hide from predators. Also, clear up any clutter around or in your structure.

Although exclusion is a crucial part of rat management, Western Exterminator can also place traps inside and outside a structure to remove the rodents. Our specialists may also suggest the use of bait stations.

Rat infestation warning signs

It’s crucial to recognize red flags that rats could be present at your property so you can identify an infestation. Look out for the following signs around your premises:

  • Rat droppings - Norway rat droppings are big, shaped like capsules, and can be as long as ¾ inches. Roof rat droppings are shaped like spindles and can be as long as ½ inches.
  • Gnawing - Rats favor gnawing on wood parts of structures, like corners of doors. They can also gnaw on boxes.
  • Grease marks - Rodents use the same paths for traveling, and dirt and oil rub from their fur onto surfaces. You may spot grease spots on a wall near an entrance to a rat nest.

If you have seen any of these signals, you may have a problem and should consult with a professional who understands how to get rid of rats. Western Exterminator is ready to help. We are the local experts on rats in Oregon and will work with you to take care of the issue and ensure it is resolved, so contact us today!

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