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Brown dog ticks in Arizona: spider-like parasites

The Arizona Brown Dog Tick looks like other ticks, but can spread more than just Lyme disease. Be on the lookout for these dangerous parasites.

Top 5 West Coast Cities for Lyme Disease and Tick Activity

As the weather gets warmer, tick activity is increasing. We've identified the top 5 cities for West Coast tick activity and Lyme disease.

The need-to-know facts about tick-borne diseases

Tick-borne diseases are on the rise. Luckily, many of these diseases are both preventable and curable with the right knowledge.

Effective tick control for yards and homes

The best tick protection begins with tick control for your yard. Use these tips from Western Exterminator’s tick control experts to keep your family and pets safe.

Ticks vs. Bed bugs: Which bite is worse?

Ticks and bed bugs are often confused for each other, but is one more dangerous than the other? The results may surprise you.

What happens to ticks in the fall?

Did you know that ticks are active year-round? We take a look at some of the most common fall ticks on the West Coast.

Top 5 West Coast states for ticks and Lyme Disease

Tick populations are moving further out west resulting in more cases of Lyme disease in west coast states.

How to remove a tick from a dog

Your pup spends a lot of time outdoors! Knowing what to do and how to remove a tick if they get bit is crucial to keeping your dog healthy.

The proper way to remove a tick

It is crucial to remove a tick as soon as you find it on you. Learn the proper way to remove a tick on yourself and others with these tips!

Can ticks use static electricity to find people or animals? Learn how hungry ticks can use static electricity and how to protect yourself and your family.