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Do ants prefer a specific type of sugar?

Do ants prefer a specific type of sugar? Ants love sweets but how can you keep them from entering your home and getting in your food?

Can insects hear?

Are insects deaf? It may seem like insects can't hear anything, but you might be surprised at how insects can hear each other.

Bullet ants: The Amazon's lethal pest

A bullet ant sting can leave a full-grown person in agony for over 8 hours. It's called the bullet ant because its sting feels like a gunshot.

Fire ants and your pets

Fire ants can be a problem for people and cause serious harm, but they can also harm pets. Learn how to protect your pets from fire ants.

Sugar ants in Seattle: 4 things you need to know

Do you have a sugar ant problem in your Seattle home? Found out what you need to do to get rid of ants with Western Exterminator.

Why are there ants in winter in Portland?

You, like many, might be confused as to why you’re seeing ants in your Portland home or business in the middle of winter. Find out why.

Ants in the home: Where are they coming from?

Ants are everywhere. Scientists estimate there are 1 million ants for each human in the world, but where are the ants in my home coming from?

7 common ant species you may encounter this spring

Learn about the 7 different ant species you are most likely to see in the Western U.S. this spring and how to stop them from infesting your home.

Do fire ants bite?

Many species of ant are fairly harmless, but what about fire ants? Do fire ants bite? They are small, but they cause a great deal of pain.

Mythbusting DIY Argentine Ant treatments

One of the most pervasive insects in California is the Argentine Ant. You may need to remove them, but can you DIY argentine ant treatments?

How long do ants live?

How long an ant lives depends on which member of the colony it is and where the ant is in the ant's lifecycle. Learn more.

Look out for these ants in houses in the Pacific Northwest

The number one household pest in America is the ant. Here, Western Exterminator tells you about ants in houses in the Pacific Northwest.

6 types of ants you may see in Arizona

Find out more about the six most common types of ants that may invade your home this summer, and learn how to keep them outside.

All about Argentine ants

Argentine ants are one of the most pervasive pests in California. Learn about where they came from and what is special about this particular pest.

Are you being short-circuited by Tawny crazy ants?

Tawny crazy ants are merciless on the West Coast and have the ability to cause severe damage to electronics, agriculture, and livestock.

Top 4 ants you may encounter this summer

Summer and ants seem to go hand in hand. Entomologist Dr. Nancy Troyano identifies four of the most common ants and how to treat them.

Ants: the most notorious repeat offenders

Why do ants keep coming back after you've gotten rid of them? We go over the basics and give you tips on how to get rid of them for good.