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Can insects hear?

Insects are the most diverse living being on the planet earth with more than 900,000 different types. Some bug experts have estimated that there are 10 quintillion insects in the world or 1 billion insects for every human on the planet.

With such a tremendous variety of shapes and sizes, insects have all sorts of body parts. In particular, the insect antennae are quite unique. Are those used for hearing? We don’t see any ears on most insects, after all. If their antennae are not used for hearing – can insects hear? Are insects deaf?

Not entirely. Insects communicate in various ways, only some by way of sound.

Colony communication

Large colonies of bees and ants must have some form of communication to keep order. Pest control experts know that insects can quickly gather when they find food left around. These enterprising and annoying bugs take over and can spread disease, so when you spot a colony pest in your home, call an exterminator immediately. They are called “colony” insects for a reason.

Singing insects

Scientists have found that singing insects – grasshoppers, crickets and cicadas – have hearing. This is necessary because deaf beings can only make mute sounds. Singing insects need hearing to make beautiful tunes. Some butterflies and moths can hear too.

Smelling and vibrations

Most insects don’t have ears. They depend upon their sense of smell to find those cake crumbs on your floor. Antennae act more like our noses than ears. These antennae are used to detect molecules or scents in the air.

Sensors on different parts of the body

Scientists believe that insects sense vibrations in the air. They might have their vibration sensor in any part of their body: thorax, wing or legs. This organ is used to translate vibrations into nerve impulses that the insect will understand.

Most importantly, insects can’t hear when you tell them to leave. Trust a good pest control expert to remove those bugs from your living environment. Keep your home clean and healthy with proper insect removal services.

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