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Pest control tips

5 ways to prevent pests in storage units

Pests love getting into storage units and boxes in your attic, basement, or garage. We have 5 steps to make sure your stuff stays safe.

5 pests that cucumbers control

While being a great vegetable to grow in your garden, you can also use cucumbers to get rid of pests like ants, moths, and silverfish.

College-bound: pests to look for in your dorm room

Pests, like bed bugs and flies, can be found in college dorms. What do you do if you think you have pests in your dorm? We have some tips for you!

Pest prevention: keep the bugs away this spring

Spring follows after the winter frost and along with it, so do pests! Take a look at our pest prevention tips for this spring season.

It’s a new school year for pests

It's time for school again, but that also increases the risk of pest infestations. Western Exterminator specialists are pest control experts.

Do I have an earthworm infestation?

Earthworms do a lot of good for your yard, but is there such thing as having too many in your yard? Our experts explain.

Garden Pests: The good news and bad news

Now that summer is here, it's time to start tending to your garden. However, it is also the time for garden pests to come out.

A Pest-Free BBQ: Pest Control Tips

Celebrate this Fourth of July weekend without pests. Take a look at our backyard BBQ pest control tips for a safe and exciting weekend.

Spring pest hotspots

Insects and rodents love spring as much as we do. Keep ants, termites and flies away from these common hotspots in and around your home.

25 tips for keeping summer pests at bay

This summer there are a number of pests that can ruin your outside activities. Western Exterminator can help deal with summer pests around your home.

Preparing for Late Summer Pests in Oregon and Washington

Summer is a haven for pests, particularly insects, all season long. Late summer insects can still be a problem and here are some tips to deal with them.

Honey Do List: Home improvement projects to keep pests away

Want to keep pests out? Add these home improvement projects to your honey-do list this year which will help prevent pest problems.

The costs of NOT doing pest prevention

It's easy to take care of pests as they come, but not taking care of an issue can cost more than preventing them in the first place. See how.

Independence Day the Safe Way

Oh, say can you see a fun weekend ahead? Check out our infographic about food safety and pest control to celebrate the 4th safely.

Protect your vacation home from pests

When pests make your vacation home their home, you may need some professional help. Leave your vacation home pest control to us.

How to prepare for fumigation

If you have termites and need a home fumigation, do you know how to prepare for fumigation? We'll tell you what you need to know here.

DIY Pest Control Risks

When trying to do pest control yourself, you could put yourself or others at risk. Our experts discuss the risks of DIY pest control.

7 tips to protect your pets this summer

Prevention is the best way to keep your pets safe from biting bugs. Protect your furry friends from summer pests with these tips from Western.

Protect your home from winter pests

During the winter, pests that are normally active in the spring and summer tend to decrease. However, winter pest control is very important.

6 spring cleaning tips to stay pest-free

Spring is a great time to clean your home with an eye towards eliminating potential pest problems. Check out these spring cleaning tips.

6 tips for pest-free outdoor living

Your yard is an extension of your home. Enjoy peace of mind outside with Western’s essential pest-free outdoor living tips.

Giving up flea collars? Alternative flea control solutions for pets

Our experts give you tips for reducing and eliminating flea populations in and around your home, and more importantly, on your pet.

100 pest tips & facts for 100 years

We're celebrating 100 years with our favorite pest tips and facts about the most notorious pests and how to reduce their activity and damage.

Prevent your home from being cozy for pests this fall

As you prepare your family for fall, don't forget to prepare you home for pests looking to get inside!

Tips to keep your holiday season pest-free

Pest control is probably the last thing on your mind during the holidays, so we've got the tips to keep your holiday season pest-free.

How to spot potential pest problems when purchasing a new home

We explore some of the common pest issues you should watch for when buying a new home and some red flags related to pests that you can spot.

Using coyote urine as a DIY pest repellent

Coyote urine has been marketed as a great DIY pest repellent for homeowners to use in their yard. But does it work? Read more to find out.

20 must-know pest tips for your fall hike

This fall, enjoy the outdoors, but make sure you prepare for potential pests. Here are tips to avoid pests while hiking.

Top 10 household pests in California

If you live in California, you could be susceptible to many different types of pests. Learn about the top 10 pests you'll find in California.

12 holiday food safety tips

It's time to start preparing to prepare food for the holidays. Here are tips to make sure your holiday is safe this year!