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Top 10 pest control tips for businesses

Follow these 10 commercial pest control tips to protect your business from pest infestations to protect your brand's reputation.

Employee Spotlight – Paul Peters

Meet Paul Peters, 5-star certified field trainer for Western Exterminator. Learn what Paul wants customers to know and what he likes about his job.

Do you know Mr. Little?

Mr. Little has been our iconic mascot for decades here at Western Exterminator. Have you seen him? Get to know him here.

Mr. Little goes on tour

We worked with Vintage Roadside to preserve and safely move the 20-foot Mr. Little statue to a museum where people from all over the world can admire him.

Termites: The tiny pests that can cost you thousands

Termites cause property owners more than $5 billion in damage each year. But there are ways to protect your home and your wallet. Learn them here.