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Employee Spotlight – Paul Peters

In just six years, Paul Peters has left a big impression on his customers, garnering him numerous 5-star ratings on Yelp and Google and a collection of selfie photos with his customers to add to his album.

Recognized for his outgoing personality and ability to build relationships with his customers, Paul was recruited from his prior job and offered the position of a licensed technician for Western Exterminator. Requiring him to learn the microbiology of all types of pests, Paul eagerly accepted and never looked back. 

When servicing the residents of Portland, OR, Paul strives to ensure his customers are always satisfied. This is a simple rule of thumb that our company has focused on for 100 years – and one that Paul, as a Certified Field Trainer (CFT), continues to perpetuate when he’s training new pest control Specialists in the field.

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Paul to find out what he enjoys most about his role as a CFT. He'll also share a pest tip he would like all his customers to know and his favorite service to perform.

Q&A with Paul Peters

Q: What do you like most about your job? 

What I enjoy most about my job is the fun, success, camaraderie, commitment, and loyalty gained through investing in relationships with colleagues and customers.

Q: What’s a pest tip you would like all your customers to know? 

The pest tip I would like all my customers to know is that the recommendations I offer to them to help reduce/eliminate conducive conditions for pest activity will help improve their situation if adhered to. Many recommendations I provide to my customers have nothing to do with the use of pesticides.

By reducing or eliminating conducive conditions, I mean anything that provides food, harborage, or entry points for pests. This could mean to stop feeding birds because it will attract rats; get rid of clutter to remove hiding spots for pests; and seal up any cracks, crevices and gaps to keep pests out – and a plus, it also saves energy.

Q: What sort of services do you perform that make you proud to be a CFT?

The service I provide that makes me the proudest would be the initial service for any type of pest. Most often, the customer is entrusting me with their safety and their family’s safety, as well as their home, business, or sometimes both. It’s especially a concern during the pandemic. I impress upon each customer that “I never take that responsibility for granted." I pledge my commitment to keep each and everyone safe, and hope it helps to alleviate some of their anxiety — all while identifying pest problems, patterns, as well as providing services and solutions to help reduce and eliminate pest activity.


What do Paul’s managers have to say about his success?

Paul Peters

“I believe the reason that Paul’s customers are such big fans of him and his service can be distilled down to the first moment he meets a customer. Paul clearly communicates his intent and the ‘Why’ when he interacts with his customers. He lets them know that he is there to partner with them to protect their home and their family's health and safety. Paul sincerely cares and takes this responsibility seriously. From that foundation, Paul then continues to show he means what he says to his customers. Paul's desire to serve and care for his customers and their property is, in my eyes, key to Paul's customer service success.” - Cody James H. Pace 

“As Mark Cuban says, ‘Love what you do or, don't do it.’ Paul clearly loves his job and that is infectious to his customers.” - Joshua R. Margheim

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