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Stinging pests

General stinging pests

Bees vs. wasps vs. hornets

Stinging insects look alike at first glance, but there are actually many differences between bees, wasps, and hornets. Learn more.

The ultimate guide to stinging pests

Stinging pests are dangerous and there are a lot of them out there. Learn everything about stinging pests to stay safe this summer.

Wasps vs. bees: What's the difference?

While wasps and bees both sting, the similarities end there. Learn the differences between wasps and bees to know what you're seeing.

Am I allergic to bee and wasp stings?

If you are allergic to bee stings, are you also allergic to wasp stings? Is this fact or a myth? Dr. Nancy Troyano takes a closer look.

Enjoying your yard is one of the best parts of summer. Our experts share their prevention tips to avoid wasps and bees and live sting-free.

Wasps and hornets

10 must-know facts about wasps

Wasps are dangerous pests because of their ability to sting. Knowing facts about wasps can help you prevent a painful encounter.

What you should know about the great black wasp

The great black wasp is a type of digger wasp that is found across North America, particularly in warmer climates.

How to avoid yellow jacket stings

Learn everything you need to know about yellow jacket stings, including which yellow jackets sting and if they can sting multiple times.

How to prevent wasp nests on your porch

Wasps are known to create nests on porches, which makes enjoying your yard hard. Catch them early and learn to prevent them with these tips.

The buzz around Northern giant hornets

Northern giant hornets are in the news these days and they're causing a lot of stress. We sat down with Dr. Nancy Troyano to get the facts.


Killer bees vs. honey bees: the difference

There's a lot of fear around Africanized bees, or killer bees, but find out the difference between those bees and honey bees.

Why killer bees in Chandler, AZ are a problem

Killer bees in Chandler Arizona can impact homes and businesses, and it's important to know how to get rid of them safely.

5 common bees in the Pacific Northwest

A bunch of bees can ruin a summer picnic in Portland or Seattle. Discover the most common Pacific Northwest bees that you might encounter.

Africanized honey bee facts

Discover what you need to know about Africanized honey bees so you can be prepared for these aggressive, potentially dangerous bees.

Watch out for carpenter bees in Oregon

Carpenter bees in Oregon are a common sight and can be a nuisance. Learn all about carpenter bees and if they are a threat to sting you.

7 ways to keep bees away from your yard and pool

Knowing how to keep bees away from your yard and pool can be done by taking some simple steps. Our experts show you how to prevent bees.


Arizona Bark Scorpions in Phoenix: how to identify

If you are a resident of Phoenix you know about the bark scorpion. Western Exterminator can help you identify Arizona bark scorpions.

Do you fear scorpion stings? Western Exterminator tells you about scorpions in Tucson, including the Arizona bark scorpion. Contact us for help today!

Scorpion myths and facts

Scorpions are one of Arizona’s most feared pests. Understanding the truth about Arizona scorpions can help to keep victims of scorpion stings from panicking.

What you need to know about scorpions in Arizona homes

Living in Arizona can be great for those who love warm weather, but one of the drawbacks is dealing with scorpions around your home.

All about giant whip scorpions

Giant whip scorpions, or vinegaroons, are found in Arizona and can potentially be harmful if you're not careful. See how you can protect yourself.