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Why killer bees in Chandler, AZ are a problem

Spring is finally beginning (at last!). This is the time of year when you will begin seeing bees appearing around Chandler, AZ. Bees are good at pollinating plants, so they are definitely important. But their stings can also turn bees into a threat, so you should not mess around with them and in some cases, bees may need to be removed from a property. In particular, Africanized honey bees, a.k.a. “killer” bees, are prevalent in Arizona, and they may present a problem if you’re not cautious.

If a beehive is found in your Chandler home or business or if you are noticing a large number of bees at your property, do not take action to get rid of the bees on your own. Bee experts such as Western Exterminator will know how to handle the pests in a safe way, so call us at 800-937-8398 or contact us online.


Honey bees in Chandler

It turns out there are multiple kinds of honey bees, and in the U.S., the European honey bee and the Africanized honey bee are most often found. Africanized honey bees, which show more aggression that European honey bees, are found in the Copper State and you may encounter them in Chandler.

Africanized honey bees look similar to European honey bees. It is difficult to tell the difference and you’d need an expert to tell. Also, Africanized bees do not have more powerful stings than usual European honey bees. But killer bees are prone to guarding their colonies with more assertiveness and stinging under less incitement than European honey bees. Killer bees have greater potential to cause harm.

Facts about Africanized bees

Africanized honey bees swarm often, too (it can be as frequently as every six weeks). One reason swarms of honey bees can appear as if the hive is not big enough for the colony. Africanized honey bee colonies actually grow more quickly than European honey bee colonies.

Compared to European honey bees, killer bees are not as selective when picking a place to construct a hive. Killer bees are more inclined to occupy nests in small places, such as water meter boxes and grills, and are more prone to use cavities in the ground for nesting. They can also use places such as buckets, piles of lumber and sheds.

Be very cautious if you see any bees at your Chandler home or business, or if you are near locations where they might be located. Do not come in close proximity to a bee nest or bother a bee swarm. Pay attention for a buzzing sound that signifies bees are present.

Africanized bees are incited by dark, big objects that are moving near a colony. They are capable of following people for a good distance. So, the morale of the story is: Be on guard for Africanized honey bees. Another good tip is to be careful if cutting the lawn, as a lawn mower may bother them.

Is a swarm of killer bees coming after you?

Having a swarm of killer bees pursue you is never the situation you want to end up in, but if you unintentionally provoke bees and a swarm comes after you, run and seek refuge in a car or building and remain there. Also, make an effort to guard your face and eyes but keep running. Remember to run in a straight line.

Although it might be tempting, do not hide under the surface of the water, as bees can still sting when you come up to take a breath. Take out stingers as soon as you can so more venom does not get into the wound.


Life-threatening reactions to bee stings are possible and you should attend to them right away. If you or someone you know has been stung and experiences symptoms such as trouble breathing, get medical help.

Elderly people and children are more at risk for encountering more than one sting from Africanized bees because they cannot get away from the bees fast enough.

Bee removal in Chandler

We cannot emphasize enough that you should use a bee expert to remove killer bees at your Chandler property. Western Exterminator specialists know how to get rid of bees and how to be safe around them. We handle bee problems in a professional manner and our licensed specialists wear bee suits for protection. Do not risk getting stung by Africanized bees or confronting a bee swarm - turn to Western Exterminator to resolve the problem. Reach out to us today for help with other Chandler pests!

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