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As a Chandler, AZ resident, you may already be aware that Arizona has a lot of bugs. These critters can create problems and should be removed from your property if you are experiencing an infestation. Check out some facts on beeswasps and cockroaches, which you might notice in Chandler.

As bad as pests may seem, you can feel confident that Western Exterminator will combat your issues so the creatures no longer create disturbances. We have experience managing a variety of pests and treat our customers with respect. Our bug exterminators are trustworthy and will solve your challenges.

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Getting rid of cockroaches in Chandler

Let’s be honest - nobody will be very pleased to see cockroaches in a house, apartment or business. As cockroaches have a tendency to spend time in unclean locations and can contaminate food, they need to stay out of your Chandler home or business. Cockroaches such as American cockroaches are found in Arizona. Take a look at some of the cockroaches you may find in Chandler:

  • American cockroaches: Adults of this species are reddish brown in color and about 1 ⅜ inches to 2 ⅛ inches long.
  • German cockroaches: The adult version of this type of cockroach is colored light brown to tan and has a couple of dark stripes. It is ½ to ⅝ inches long. Female German cockroaches like an average temperature of around 80°F.
  • Turkestan cockroaches: Females are dark brown to black in color with short wings; male wings are brownish yellow. Female Turkestan cockroaches are about ¾ to 1 inch in length and males are ½ to ⅞ inches.

If you see cockroach eggs, this could mean cockroaches have infested your Chandler home or business. German cockroach egg cases are yellowish brown. What’s alarming is that German cockroaches are capable of producing up to six generations a year.

If you think cockroaches have made your property their home, get in touch with a pest control expert who is skilled in cockroach removal. Western Exterminator specialists are the ones to trust for cockroach control.

Chandler bees

Without a doubt, bees are key to the ecosystem as they are pollinators of plants. But beehives around your Chandler property may become an issue that you need to address. Sadly, bees can still sting, and this can produce serious consequences for people who have allergies.

Arizona has lots of honey bees, which are active throughout the whole year. Feral honey bees are a big pest; most of the ones in Arizona are a mix of Africanized (or “killer” bees) and European honey bees. As a result, feral honey bees here can be more defensive than the European honey bees in the north.

Honey bee swarms are common when a beehive reaches capacity and the queen, along with a swarm of her worker bees, searches for a new spot to start a colony. If a swarm is discovered near your home or business, it is best to call a beekeeper. However, a swarm is only temporary and will usually dissipate within a day or two. We do not treat bee swarms.

Carpenter bees are present in Arizona too, although carpenter bees in Arizona have less activity in structures than carpenter bees in the eastern and northern United States. In Arizona, male carpenter bees are light orange in color; females are black and large.

It is a bad idea to try to get rid of bees without the help of a pest professional who is trained in bee control. If you are seeing a large population of bees or a hive, it is best to call a pest control specialist. Our specialists know the difference between bees and other stinging insects, and can recommend the best course of action, depending on the stinging insect near your home or business.

Wasp stings in Chandler, AZ?

If you’ve been stung by a wasp, you know it is not a fun experience. Many kinds of paper wasps are found in Arizona - for example Polistes flavus, a wasp that is primarily yellow in color.

As far as size goes, paper wasps are ¾ to 1 ¼ inches long. Their nests are commonly located in shielded places. Paper wasps are viewed as social wasps and in Arizona, they usually begin creating nests from March to May.

If wasp nests are present in places where humans congregate, this can turn into a problem, especially if you are allergic to wasp stings. Female wasps may sting but male wasps do not. Contact a medical professional if you are stung by a wasp in Chandler and severe symptoms appear.

We know you want to avoid potential medical problems, so do not combat wasps or other stinging pests via do-it-yourself tactics. Western Exterminator will ensure the wasps at your home or business are gone and do not return. Get in touch with us today if wasps or other bugs are plaguing your Chandler property.

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