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Pests in the Headlines

Bark Beetle: The Forest Fire Follower

Find out what you should know about the bark beetle, an insect that is hot on the trail of the wildfires ravaging through the western US.

11 insect-like critters named after famous folks

Check out these 11 insects, arachnids, and arthropods named after celebrities – and the reasons behind their famous names.

6 pests to watch out for in 2020

Western is helping homeowners prepare for 2020 with insights into anticipated pest activity with six pest predictions for the new year.

New year, new pests: pest predictions for 2021

To prepare for the coming year, entomologists from Western Exterminator used field knowledge and data to provide pest predictions for 2021.

Cicada killer or Northern giant hornet?

Cicada killer wasps and Northern giant hornets often get confused, but cicada killers are generally harmless. Learn more of their differences.

Be prepared for the new year: Western Exterminator 2022 Pest Predictions

We’ve taken into account climate change, worldwide pandemics, pest behaviors, and expertise from our field managers to bring you our 2022 Pest Predictions.

The history of pest control: a basic timeline

Pest control dates back to 2500 BC, after the dawn of agriculture. Learn about the history of pest control and how we got to where we are today.

Mormon crickets swarm the West

Outbreaks of Mormon crickets are on the rise in some states in the west, but do you need to be worried about them infesting your yard?

What happens to pests in a drought?

The drought season in California is becoming more extreme and can be threatening to pests. Could droughts be forcing pests into your home?