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Spider articles

Northwest spiders to avoid

Spiders are predatory, venomous and can be very aggressive. Luckily, most spiders in the Pacific Northwest aren't a threat to humans.

Natural pest control tips for spiders

Do you have a spider control issue? Learn how to naturally get rid of spiders so you don't have to worry about seeing them.

Hobo spider, not brown recluse, prefers Portlandia

What's the difference between a hobo spider and brown recluse spider? Western Exterminator has the answer.

Identifying poisonous Arizona spiders

There are only two types of Arizona spiders that typically cause serious harm to humans. Identifying these spiders may help avoid pain.

White spiders in Oregon and Washington

Do you have white spiders around your property in the Pacific Northwest? Contact Western Exterminator today for an inspection!

From identification to a bite: how to react to common Arizona spiders

A variety of venomous spiders call Arizona their home. Western Exterminator identifies the most prevalent kinds and ways to get rid of them.

Ask the Bug Doc: Is this a spider bite?

Dr. Nancy Troyano shares insight on how to identify spider bites from other types of bites and how to avoid being bitten by spiders.

Camel spiders in Arizona

Learn about camel spiders in Arizona, what they look like, their size, their bite, behaviors and how to get rid of these dangerous pests.

Insects of Arizona: the giant crab spider

The giant crab spider may not be deadly, but it has a painful bite and is common in Arizona. Call Western Exterminator if you have spiders.

Everything you need to know about spiders

One of the most common fears is arachnophobia or the fear of spiders. Learn the facts about spiders and spider species.

Hobo spiders: Facts, webs, and bites

Hobo spiders are common in the pacific northwest, and can potentially be dangerous. Learn the facts about their webs, bites, and more.

Ask the Bug Doc: Why are there so many spiders in my house?

Our resident spider expert Dr. Nancy Troyano tells you why there are so many spiders in your house and what to do.

How many spiders do I swallow?

You’ve heard it a million times - the average person swallows eight spiders a year while sleeping. Is it true? Our experts weigh in.