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Mosquito control

Mosquito control services

Western Exterminator can help reduce your exposure to mosquitoes in your yard as well as reduce the health risks they pose with our mosquito control service. Not only will our solutions eliminate adult mosquitoes and control young, developing mosquito larvae, they will also prevent the reproduction of mosquitoes. Our solutions are fast-acting, long-lasting, and odor-free.

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Control mosquitoes: The Western Exterminator way

Our mosquito control service is very thorough and effective. A Western Exterminator specialist will inspect your property and identify the areas in your yard that need to be treated. Then, an EPA-registered barrier treatment will be applied where mosquitoes rest, including places such as:

  • Perimeter vegetation
  • Weeds, tall grass, shrubs
  • Lowermost tree limbs (no more than 10 feet high)
  • Ground cover such as ivy, grasses in cool, damp or shady areas and other ornamental plants
  • Mulch and landscape beds next to your home
  • Eaves and overhangs
  • Accessible areas beneath decks and porches
  • Any standing water (fountains, birdbaths, etc.)

Your Western specialist will also offer recommendations to help eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites in your yard to further protect your family.

Mosquito treatment options

Western Exterminator offers targeted treatments for mosquito control, providing you and your family the protection you need when you need it.

There are a variety of treatment options to select from, depending on how bad the mosquito populations are in your yard. You can choose from the following:

Single service

A single treatment for your yard that reduces mosquito populations.

Monthly service

Season-long protection with monthly barrier treatments of your yard. The number of months for service is based on where you live and the mosquito activity in that area.

Bundle with PestFree365+ and save

Combine our PestFree365+ plan with our monthly mosquito service and you will receive: Protection from over 36 common pests, regularly scheduled visits, unlimited service calls with no extra charges, recommendations for pest prevention, and monthly yard treatments for mosquitoes.

Why do I need mosquito control?

Controlling mosquitoes in your yard will give you peace of mind, leaving you more time to relax in your backyard oasis. Our mosquito control service reduces your exposure to mosquitoes in your yard and the health risks associated with them by:

  • Eliminating adult mosquitoes
  • Controlling young, developing mosquito larvae
  • Preventing reproduction of mosquitoes

Our mosquito control treatments are fast-acting, long-lasting, odor-free, and use products registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They also help to control ticks in your yard and will provide lasting protection for an extended period of time.

Frequently asked questions

Why are there mosquitoes in my house?

Mosquitoes can enter your home through any tiny opening such as a hole in a window screen or an open door. Water trays under house plants can also attract mosquitoes indoors and are the perfect breeding site for them.

Once inside, mosquitoes can be found near any sources of moisture (think: your bathroom or even by a leaking pipe) or in dark, covered areas like basements and crawl spaces.

What are the signs of a mosquito infestation?

Two telltale signs of a mosquito infestation are hearing a constant buzzing sound in your yard and constantly getting bit by mosquitoes while outdoors. Having small amounts of standing water on your property is another potential sign of mosquitoes, and you may even spot some of the mosquito eggs or larvae in the water.

How do I keep mosquitoes away?

One of the main things you can do to keep mosquitoes away is to eliminate any standing water on your property. Mosquitoes reproduce in water and only need the smallest amount to do so. It is also recommended to keep your lawn trimmed to make your yard less appealing to mosquitoes and use outdoor fans as they are weak flyers.

What are mosquitoes attracted to?

Mosquitoes are attracted to certain colors, sweat, specific blood types, and carbon dioxide.

Can I do mosquito control myself?

While there are certain measures homeowners can take to prevent mosquitoes from coming onto their property, such as removing any standing water, we recommend that you work with a mosquito control professional. A female mosquito can lay up to 100 eggs at a time, and working with a professional will ensure the entire mosquito population is eliminated.

Western Exterminator gets rid of mosquitoes

Western Exterminator Technicians can treat your backyard so that you can enjoy the outdoors at all times of the day without having to worry about mosquito bites. Our solutions get rid of adult and larval mosquitoes, and their eggs, too.

The first step is to contact your local Western Exterminator office and speak to one of our Technicians. We'll do a property inspection and provide you with the mosquito treatment necessary to get rid of mosquitoes and to prevent them from returning.

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