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Bed bug articles

3 ways to tell your hotel has bed bugs

Before settling into your hotel room, be sure to do three things to make sure you are not putting yourself at risk for bed bugs.

Bed bugs in Seattle are on the rise

Bed bugs in Seattle are becoming a major problem, and the local experts at Western Exterminator can protect you and your family.

Facts about bed bug eggs and bed bug larvae

The lifecycle of bed bugs starts with eggs and larvae, which if undetected, can lead to a bed bug infestation in your home.

5 bed bug hiding spots in dorm rooms

Moving into a dorm room comes with its challenges, but knowing where to find bed bug hiding spots can make your moving experience a breeze.

Inspect your hotel room for bed bugs in 5 easy steps

The holidays are a busy season for travel. For your peace of mind, our infographic shows you how to perform a quick hotel room inspection for bed bugs.

5 signs of bed bugs in your home

Waking up with bed bug bites is a good way to know you have an issue, but what are the other signs of bed bugs in your home?

What's the difference between flea bites and bed bug bites?

Flea bites are different from bed bug bites in a number of ways, mainly who they prefer to bite and if they itch.

Strange places bed bugs can be found

Bed bugs are most commonly found in beds, but they are really sneaky and can be found around the house, including these strange places.

Bed Bugs 101: Your five-minute crash course, free!

Now here's a class you won’t want to skip! Introduction to Bed Bugs 101. Learn a few tips about preventing bed bugs in college dorms.

Bed bugs: The spring break souvenir that really BITES!

Whether your child is traveling home from spring break, visiting for the weekend, or just doing some laundry, bed bugs may be tagging along.

10 bed bug myths debunked

Myths about bed bugs have floated around since they were first running rampant in Italy, but how do you know what to believe about bed bugs?

5 places to check for bed bugs in your hotel room

Learn how to check for bed bugs in a hotel room in five easy steps from the experts at Western Exterminator! Don’t let bed bugs affect you!

How to prevent bed bugs this holiday

Preventing bed bugs this holiday is important, as they are commonly transmitted during peak traveling times. Learn how to prevent bed bugs.

What kinds of diseases can you get from bed bugs?

Bed bug bites can be painful and itchy, but if you have bed bugs, should you be concerned about getting diseases? Our experts explain.