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Mosquito articles

5 ways to keep mosquitoes at bay

Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but they also carry life-threatening diseases. These five tips can help you keep mosquitoes away.

10 interesting facts about mosquitoes

Western knows mosquitoes, and these 10 interesting facts about mosquitoes can help you enjoy your yard and avoid mosquito bites.

Top 5 Western U.S. cities for mosquitoes

Western Exterminator presents the top five Western U.S. cities for mosquito problems, so you can be safe and avoid mosquito bites.

Monsoons mean pests in Arizona: what you should know

Monsoons bring rain during hot summers in Arizona. Western Exterminator describes common monsoon season pests in AZ. Contact us today about pest problems!

The facts about natural mosquito repellents

Mosquitoes are a problem, and mosquito repellent doesn't smell great. Our experts tell you about alternative natural mosquito repellents.

Why do mosquitoes bite?

If you've been outside at dusk, you've probably gotten mosquito bites. But, why do mosquitoes bite and how long do mosquito bites last?

Mosquito-borne diseases: when the bite packs a punch

Mosquito-borne diseases can spread quickly through mosquito bites while traveling internationally. See the different diseases you could get.

Can mosquitoes spread Coronavirus?

As Coronavirus continues to play a role in our lives, Western Exterminator breaks down if mosquitoes can spread coronavirus to people.

Aedes mosquitoes: A health risk for West Coast residents

Mosquito activity has quadrupled in parts of California over the past two years. Discover two mosquito species making their way out west.

Why are mosquitoes more attracted to me than you?

Have you ever wondered why you are getting more mosquito bites than other people? Find out why mosquitoes are more attracted to you.

On the lookout: West Nile Virus cases rising

Unfortunately, the West Nile virus cases out west are rising. See how this impacts the time you spend outside this summer.

New research: Mosquitoes are seeing red

The likelihood of being bitten by a mosquito in your lifetime is high. But knowing what's attracting them can help reduce your chances of becoming a target.

Top 5 western states for West Nile Virus activity

Western Exterminator ranks top 5 western states for West Nile Virus activity. Learn more about West Nile Virus symptoms and more if you live in states like CA or AZ.