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From identification to a bite: how to react to common Arizona spiders

Spiders – they’re the stuff of nightmares. These creeping, crawling arachnids terrify us from afar with their eight gangly legs and multiple eyes. A house spider rarely bites unless it’s provoked. However, Arizona does harbor a few venomous species that spell trouble for you and your family at home.

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Banana spider

Face to face with Arizona’s spiders

The Copper State has its share of arachnids, many of which make Phoenix, Tucson and the surrounding areas their home. Some prefer to stay to themselves, while others have no problem showing up unannounced in your area.

Banana spider

Known also as the black and yellow garden spider, this arachnid prefers the outdoors in gardens and orchards. It’s very colorful, easy to spot, and builds large webs out in the open. Although it has venom, it’s not deadly.

Black Widow

The female black widow has a characteristic hourglass shape on her abdomen while the males have red speckles on their backs. If this spider bites you, a target-like shape will form over the area. It’s an extremely venomous spider even though it rarely causes fatalities. Seek medical assistance if a black widow has bitten you or a family member.

Desert recluse

The desert recluse gets its name from its color and solitary nature. It’s one of the deadliest arachnids on the planet and causes severe reactions if it bites you. Its venom causes tissue and cell death and can be fatal to children; deaths are rare in adults. Still, it’s wise to seek medical help right away if a brown recluse has bitten you.

Jumping spider

The jumping spider is very tiny and hops from place to place as it looks for a meal. It’s brown and hairy and has two small eyes at the front of its head. It’s not dangerous but can startle you if it jumps on your arm or leg.



The venom from a tarantula is milder than a honeybee’s, so you shouldn’t let their large, hairy appearance scare you. They tend to stay outdoors under rocks or on the pavement but may sneak inside through an open door or a window. You can find tarantulas throughout Arizona, even in the urban areas of Phoenix or Tucson.

Professional Arizona spider control

Not all spiders cause harm, but it’s important to stay far away from black widows and brown recluses. If you see them or other invasive arachnids on your property or in your home, contact Western Exterminator for quick and immediate assistance. From Scottsdale to Tucson, we are your Arizona pest control professionals and know how to identify troublesome spider species and prevent infestations around your home.

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