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Mr. Little goes on tour

It’s been a long journey for this not so little man. Since his inception in 1931, as a recognizable figure to be used for advertising Western Exterminator in the Yellow Pages, Mr. Little, along with his sidekick Menace the Mouse, has evolved into an iconic sensation. 

Mr Little

His image has sat high on billboards in California, flashed across the big screen once or twice, and toured with Van Halen—one of the greatest rock n’ roll bands of all time.

Mr. Little has become a BIG deal, which is why we gladly accepted the offer to preserve and safely move the 20-foot statue that stood outside of Western’s corporate headquarters in Santa Ana, California, to a museum where people from all over the world can admire him.

Sharing the man who had answered to so many names over the years: “Kernel Kleenup,” “Inspector Holmes,” and “The Little Man” – for another century or two – is a fantastic opportunity.


Working with Vintage Roadside, a restoration company specializing in historic memorabilia, Mr. Little safely and securely hit the road.

Venturing just two hours north to Van Nuys, CA, his first stop would be the Valley Relics Museum. Illuminated by antique neon signs and surrounded by classic cars and other relics of days gone past, Mr. Little stole the spotlight.

Follow Mr. Little on his solo tour as he lives his best life making guest appearances at local museums or hitching a ride with a traveling roadshow. We’ll be sharing the most up-to-date happenings on Western’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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