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Protect your home from winter pests

During the winter season, populations of pests that are normally active in the spring and summer tend to noticeably decrease. However, don’t be deceived. These pests haven’t disappeared. They only have temporarily relocated. Possibly, in your home hoping to ride out the winter weather. Winter is the time of year when most homeowners believe they no longer need pest control services only to be taken by surprise when they discover a rodent or other pest has entered their home.

Rodents, spiders, cockroaches, ants and numerous other pests will make it their goal to find shelter inside your home this winter. Don’t let them catch you off guard. Take a moment to review our 8-point winter checklist.

Western’s 8-point winter checklist

Winter check list

  1.  Roof: Replace or repair missing shingles and roof damage to prevent rats, mice and other pests from gaining access to your home.
  2.  Vents: Check vent covers, making sure they are intact to prevent any pest entry.
  3.  Screens: Repair holes or tears in window, door, and porch screens to eliminate easy entry points for smaller pests.
  4.  Vegetation: Trim back bushes or branches that are close to your home. Rats and mice can easily scale these to gain access to your attic.
  5. Gutters: Remove any debris from gutters and downspouts to avoid standing water, a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  6. Outside: Eliminate any trash or yard debris, including woodpiles that can provide shelter and hiding places for pests.
  7. Garage: A properly sealed garage will keep rodents, insects, and spiders outside.
  8. Foundation: Mice can enter your home through a dime-size opening. Sealing and securing any small openings can help prevent mice from getting in.
  9. torn window screen

    If after reviewing our 8-point checklist, you discover areas of your home needing repair, or more specifically, areas showing definite pest activity, Western Exterminator can help. We offer preventative treatments and a thorough inspection of your home that will address seasonal pests and reduce the likelihood of pests entering your home, especially those that are active during the winter. Call 888-444-6138 today to set up a free inspection.

    Reduce the risk of pest infestations

    Preventing mice, rats and other pests from entering your home may involve exclusion services, which include sealing and securing any potential entry points. 

    Western’s proactive pest-proofing exclusion services:

    •       Sealing holes in brick, concrete, and drywall
    •       Replacing chimney caps and dryer vent covers
    •       Repairing or replacing torn screens and vent covers
    •       Installing door sweeps
    •       Wrapping trees


    Once your home is pest-proofed, the next step is to have external pest control treatments applied, creating an invisible barrier around your home. This keeps pests where they belong—outside. Our most popular integrated pest management plan, known as PestFree365+, offers year-round protection.

    pestfree365 Western Exterminator

    PestFree365+: the #1 pest control plan

    Our PestFree365+ plan includes regularly scheduled inspections of your home, covers over 36 different pests, including those that are active during the winter such as bed bugs, spiders, mice, rats, cockroaches and ants. It also includes a termite inspection every three years. It’s the optimum pest control plan for protecting your home, year-round!

    Why choose professional pest control?

    •       Protection from disease-carrying pests
    •       Long term, guaranteed pest control solutions
    •       Prevention of future pest problems with proactive inspections
    •       Effective treatments designed with children and pets in mind
    •       Added layer of protection against potential property damage


    Western’s commitment to you

    Western Exterminator is committed to protecting you, your home and your family against potentially dangerous pests, and have been for nearly 100 years. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed – if you have any pest issues between service visits, we will come back at no additional charge.  

    Schedule your free pest inspection, today.

    For the most effective pest control solutions for your home, contact Western or give us a call at 888-444-6138.

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