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Protect your vacation home from pests

Most people are not at their vacation home every day of the year. After all, that’s the purpose of a vacation home, right? Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean pests won’t invite themselves in anyway. Bugs aren’t known for their manners. Pests don’t take vacations either, so once they decide to make your vacation home their home, you might need professional help to get them out. Luckily, Western Exterminator has local pest specialists living and working in popular West Coast vacation destinations such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix. Leave your vacation home pest control to us. We can be there even when you can’t be.

Vacation home pest control

West Coast weather is nice for vacationing, but it also makes for a pretty consistently favorable environment for pests. Rodents and cockroaches are a concern all year, and others such as ants, spiders, and bees are around for the warmer months. For vacation homes, you may not be there all of the time to deal with pests, but you certainly don’t want them there waiting for you when you arrive.

keep pests out of your vacation home

Pest problems in a vacation rental property

If you rent your vacation home out, pest problems are not just your own. The number of potential renters is on the rise in the West. Renters are flocking to the area, but a pest problem could send them running from your property. A bad review on a rental site could be the end of your hosting career. The importance of a good Airbnb rating, Seth Porges of Forbes says, "anything less than five stars can have a serious and detrimental impact on a host's placement in the all-important search rankings." Don't let vacation home pests stand in the way of your success as a rental property owner or your peace of mind. Partner with Western Exterminator to keep your property pest-free, no matter who is staying there.

Rodents in vacation homes

Your spare change can come in handy when determining whether rodents can enter your vacation home through any small hole. Mice only need an opening the size of a dime to enter and rats can get through a quarter-sized hole. Holes you didn’t even notice could open your oasis of respite to the world of pests. Mice, in particular, can survive on tiny amounts of food. They absorb the water they need to survive from their food, so they don’t require a moisture source. Consequently, these little rodents don’t need humans running around dropping crumbs every day. They’re curious creatures, and an empty vacation home provides great opportunity for exploration. Like roof rats, they like to climb, so attics and ceilings are particularly susceptible to rodent activity. Regular pest inspections from the rodent control experts at Western Exterminator are a great way to make sure mice and rats aren't taking advantage of your absence.

keep pests out of your vacation home

Tips to keep pests out of your vacation home

  • Seal openings, gaps, and cracks with rodent-proof materials; don’t forget about gaps around pipes.
  • Ensure garage doors seal flush to the ground.
  • Screen/cover outdoor vents.
  • Keep firewood stored at a distance from your home.
  • Keep vegetation trimmed to eliminate rodent hiding places.
  • Ensure no tree branches touch the roof or sides of your vacation home.
  • Put away pet food and water after your pets finish eating.
  • Store grains, cereals, pet foods, and dry foods in air-tight containers.
  • In storage areas, remove clutter to reduce rodent hiding places.
  • Keep outdoor garbage containers tightly sealed.
  • Have a professional crawl space inspection annually to spot issues.
  • Improperly installed insulation can allow pests to harbor in attics. Inspect annually for problems.
  • Clean up bird feeding areas to avoid attracting pests.

Frequently asked questions about vacation home pest control

keep pests out of your vacation home

"I don’t heat my home when I am not there. How can pests survive the winter temperatures?"

Homes are designed to “breathe,” which means there are small openings throughout your vacation home where pests can enter to escape the elements. Your heat or air conditioning may not be on, but there is plenty in your vacation home to keep most pests warm or cool throughout the winter and summer months.

"I never leave food behind when I leave for the season, but there are always ants when I return. Why are they coming inside?"

Some ants can feed for weeks off crumbs the size of a pencil eraser. As clean as we all try to be, crumbs under the fridge or dishwasher are meals just waiting to be found by pests that frequent the areas around your home.

Year-round protection for your vacation home

Even if you’re not in your vacation home 365 days a year, you should protect it year-round. Our PestFree365+ plan keeps your vacation home protected from 36 of the most common pests, using the latest techniques, tools, and technology. Protecting your vacation home all year prevents having to deal with a worse problem later on. Our Western Exterminator specialists will take the time to develop a customized pest control plan to suit your needs and your schedule. The last thing you want is for invasive pests to ruin your peaceful vacation and you shouldn’t have to plan your vacation around pest control treatments either. You can count on Western Exterminator to provide you the peace of mind that should come with a vacation. Whether you're there for a week or six months, we have you covered.

To find out how Western Exterminator can help protect your vacation home, give us a call at 888-444-6138 or send us a message.

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