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Sugar ants in Seattle: 4 things you need to know

Imagine a beautiful day out in a gorgeous Seattle park that is perfect for a nice picnic. Sandwiches and snacks in one hand and water in another, your head laid down while you are reading a book to block out the sun.

two ants eating sugar

However, something is wrong. A distinct smell comes from the arm which you are laying on while resting. It's ants. Tiny black sugar ants (also known as odorous house ants) raiding the picnic basket and blanket, ruining the afternoon. Two weeks later, the kitchen is covered with these ants, brought on by a very distinct smell; the same one from the picnic.

How do you get rid of sugar ants?

ants feeding of a fruit jelly with sugar

To get rid of sugar ants, one will have to learn about them. The most common type of ant other than the carpenter ant in the Washington state area is the sugar ant or Camponotus consobrinus. While sugar ants nest indoors, there are some instances where they can make nests outdoors near plants and trees.

This type of ant species makes their home inside moist locations such as hot water pipes or heating systems. The wet and moist conditions of Seattle make the area very attractive for sugar ants. While different ant species have many similar attributes, the best treatment methods can vary best species. Knowing the type of ant is crucial for treatment.

4 interesting facts about sugar ants

  1. Sugar ants don’t sting. Sugar ants do not bite nor sting due to their extremely small fangs unless there is someone who is highly allergic to ant bites. In the unlikely circumstance the sugar ants bite, the person bitten will likely not feel it.

  2. Sugar ants feed on nectar from plants.  Sugar ants feed on honeydew and of course household sugar-based foods, like popsicles and sugar water. Studies have shown that carbohydrates found in sugar help ants fight against parasites.

  3. Sugar ants are nocturnal beings.  Since these creepy crawlers do not appear during the daytime, it will make it even more difficult to spot an infestation with a naked eye.

  4. Not very friendly. Sugar ants may sound sweet, but they often attack other insects like carpenter ants and the other 22,000 ant species on this planet at random. Sugar ants will use their heads and acid to kill their opponents.

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While the urge to do DIY treatments on these insects is very strong, the most effective way to get rid of pests in Washington is to hire an expert pest exterminator.

Sugar ants can be taken care of temporarily with some DIY methods, but the root cause of the infestation will likely not be resolved and future infestations will still occur.

Western Exterminator’s PestFree365+ plan provides protection against over 36 of the most common pests including ants all year long in Washington. Contact us today for year-round ant protection!

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