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The House mouse - get the facts

Among the rodents that live where people reside, the house mouse is one of the types you are more likely to encounter. Human structures offer both food and harborage for house mice, which is great for them, but not so good for you. Although you may think these mice only affect houses, they can invade homes and businesses alike. Whether you run a hotel, apartment or restaurant, an infestation could be very damaging to your business, leading to poor customer experiences and negative publicity.

Learning more about house mice and how to deal with an infestation could give you a leg up on identifying when an issue is present. Check out our infographic, “The house mouse: Get the facts” to get more information about house mouse lifespan, house mouse appearance, and other details. Remember to contact Western Exterminator if you suspect you’re dealing with a mouse infestation.

House mouse infographic

House mouse facts

When you’re lying in bed at night, you might hear mouse activity; in fact, the most mouse activity usually occurs during the nighttime. But you may also see these rodents during the day. Mice are clever and may get from one building to another via pipes and utility lines. Also, you may bring them indoors on equipment if you operate a commercial property. You should keep an eye out for ways they could be getting in and let a mouse control expert know when you think they have entered. A professional, such as Western Exterminator, can talk to you about how to keep mice from invading.

Although you may be most concerned about mice indoors, house mice don’t just spend time inside - they can also reside outside in fields, making nests in spots such as burrows. Food sources outdoors include seeds, roots and leaves. Animals like foxes, snakes and owls are predators of mice.

Thank you to Nancy Troyano, Director of Technical Education and Training, Rentokil North America, for supplying information for this infographic. Have you spotted mouse droppings or other signs of mice? We recognize that mouse problems can be frightening and must be addressed right away. Our specialists are trained to handle mouse issues and will help you get rid of them. We can even offer tips on how to avoid future infestations. Call us at 800-937-8398 or get in touch with us today.

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