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How do mice survive the winter?

During the winter months, the last thing you probably think to worry about is mice. There are so many weather issues and other things to concern yourself with during the winter, a rodent or mouse infestation is probably way down on the list. However, the fact is, during this cooler and less hospitable time of the year, mice and rodents become a problem.

At Western Exterminator, we have been helping homeowners and business owners take care of mice and other rodents for decades. Your local pest control experts at Western share some facts below on how mice survive the winter. 

Mice in the house during the winter

Mice are just like other animals. They want to stay warm. They want easy access to food. They want to find a place where they can hide away and be safe from predators - including humans. This means rodents like mice will do what they can to enter your home or building.

Mice tend to like to live outdoors most of the time. Mice in the wild will build their nests in fallen logs, in vegetation and garbage or debris. If you have a large property area and have out-buildings such as sheds or garages, mice will set up their homes there. However, if they have no other choice or the infestation is so big, they will find a way to get inside your home.

How to mice get inside the house during winter months?

Mice have very sharp teeth. They are also physically built to get indoors and into places where they can hide. How? Their skeletons are built so they can squeeze into very tiny spaces.

A mouse has no collarbone and their skeleton can collapse. They have narrow bodies and they often have greasy fur and remarkably strong legs for their size, which allows them to squeeze through tiny spaces with ease. The one difference is their skull. If, however, a mouse can get its head in a space, they can squeeze through the hole.

So, if there are pipes leading into your home or building, vents, spaces or cracks in the foundation or walls, spaces in siding, roofing tiles which are not secured, holes in screens, spaces beneath a garage door or holes from wires leading through the walls, a mouse can get inside.

Can mice breed during the winter?

The prime breeding time for mice is in the fall, but most species of mice can breed any time of the year. So, if a couple of mice get inside your house during the winter, they can find a place to nest and start breeding young mice. Before too long, you can have a full-on mouse infestation. This can cause them to spread to other areas of the house and property and this can make them much more difficult to get rid of.

What do mice want in the house during winter?

Mice will look for food in the pantries, cabinets and throughout the kitchen. They will walk across kitchen counters to get to food and use their teeth to bite through bags to get to bread or other food on the counter.

Mice also like to build nests out of soft things like newspapers, paper, and the fabric used inside couches, sofas and insulation found in attics and walls. If you find piles of shredded paper, holes in furniture or hear them chewing away, you can tell if you have mice in the house.

Are mice in the house dangerous?

There are diseases and issues connected with mice. Mice leave feces and urine all over the place and contact with mouse droppings and urine has health risks. Mice also chew through everything, including electrical wires in the walls, which means they create potential fire hazards. Mice also have fleas, ticks and parasites that can jump to humans and bring health risks, too.

Get rid of mice in the house with Western Exterminator

If it's winter, you should prepare for winter mice infestations around your home. Western Exterminator can do a property inspection and spot the signs of mice and find the areas they can use to get inside. We can search for mouse nests and remove them, get rid of mice already in the home and provide solutions to keep them away.

To make sure you don't run the risks of a mouse infestation this winter, contact your local Western Exterminator office today.

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