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California wildfires: Rodents seek shelter in homes

California’s wildfires continue to burn out of control, forcing thousands of residents and animals to evacuate their homes. Staying with family or friends may be a good alternative for people; however, for displaced wildlife, it’s not that simple.

Because the wildfires affect wildlife, too, this can bring problems for homeowners beyond the fire damage. In particular, the rodents and wildlife in the forests will seek shelter in evacuated homes.

If you notice an increased number of rodents in your home or near your property, contact your local Western Exterminator specialist, we are here to help.

How rodents survive wildfires

Animals have instinctive reactions to fire, including rodents. If you have seen movies where flocks of animals come charging out of the woods, you might be surprised to know, this does not happen in real life.

Birds will fly to safety. Larger mammals will likely flee in the opposite direction of the flames. But, smaller wildlife like ratsgophers, and moles, rely on their natural instincts, and will often burrow their way to safety.

Mouse sitting on forest floor

Rodents burrow to survive

Burrowing may be effective, but a lot depends on how hot the fire gets. If the fire is very intense, the heat can penetrate below ground level. This affects the safety of burrowing rodents and wildlife. However, most of the time, the fires move quickly, burning everything above the surface and not below. Therefore, burrowing underground provides a spot for rodents to survive the blaze. They can even survive in moist areas or moist fallen logs until the flames have past.

Rodents seek shelter and food in homes

Post wildfires, rodents and small animals begin to emerge from their hiding spots in search of a more permanent shelter from predators. During this time of displacement, predators such as mountain lions, coyotes and birds of prey take advantage of the situation, seeking what is sure to be an easy meal.

Rats, mice, squirrels, and wildlife will seek out shelter, food and water in any remaining buildings. Common areas they will infest include:

  • attics
  • walls
  • basements
  • crawl spaces
  • roofs

We can help with rodent control

Whether rodents appear before wildfires or after, Western Exterminator's rodent control experts will provide solutions to stop them. Rodents bring potential health risks and problems with them, and they need to be removed from homes and businesses to reduce the risk of spreading disease and causing property damage. Western Exterminator’s rodent control experts will locate their hiding places and any external entry points where they are getting inside.

For solutions that will get rid of rodents in your home or around your property, contact your local Western Exterminator office today. One of our pest specialists will conduct a free pest inspection and figure out a rodent control solution that will work for you.

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