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How to get rid of birds

Getting rid of birds can be a difficult task for home and business owners alike. Certain bird species provide a host of problems when they nest on or around any property type. Their droppings and nesting materials can create health hazards and can cause serious damage, resulting in costly repairs for property owners and a poor reputation for businesses.

Let Western work to get rid of the birds for you! We have multiple control methods that will deter birds from nesting on your property.


Western's bird deterrent methods

We know that no two properties are the same, which is why we offer various bird deterrent methods for both residential and commercial properties. Your Technician will work with you to choose the best method to get rid of birds for your specific property.

Bird netting

Residential and Commercial

Our bird nets provide an immediate and discrete solution to keep birds from nesting and roosting on your property. The nets can also provide protection from birds around outdoor equipment like HVAC units, while still allowing the unit to function properly. Our bird nets are customizable to provide you with an individualized solution to keep birds away.

Bird spikes

Residential and Commercial

Bird spikes can be used on manmade structures to prevent birds from perching, landing, or nesting. They are great for areas such as chimneys, fences, ledges, and company signs, and can be installed discreetly. Bird spikes have a dull tip and do not harm the bird. They work to deter the bird away from particular areas, forcing them to find somewhere else to land.

Avian Block™

Residential and Commercial

Avian Block™ is the perfect solution for covered, semi-closed areas, like your outdoor patio. Made for light to moderate bird activity, it will help prevent birds from nesting on your property for up to three months in areas not directly exposed to the elements. It is perfect for under awnings, carports, covered entryways, behind shutters, or under eaves.

*This product is not available in all geographical areas. Contact your local Western Exterminator office for more information.


Residential and Commercial

With long-lasting sunny days on the west coast, Bird-Out™ is the perfect solution to get rid of birds around your pool, boat dock, play area, deck, or pergola, and also in public areas like sports courts or parking pads. It is weather-resistant and provides protection from birds for up to 60 days.

*This product is not available in all geographical areas. Contact your local Western Exterminator office for more information.

Bird trapping

Commercial only

In some instances, bird trapping is necessary for complete bird control and removal. All trapping is done humanely and includes routine visits to ensure that food, water, and shade are available for any trapped birds, as well as removal.

Electric bird deterrents

Residential and Commercial

Electric bird deterrents include the installation of devices on a flat service that will deliver electric shocks to the birds, causing discomfort and encouraging them to move elsewhere. These are often used in conjunction with bird spikes.

Grid systems

Commercial only

Grid systems are a great repellent to keep birds out of certain areas. A wire grid that is similar to bird netting is stretched over a surface and will cause the birds to find another area to land.

Optical gel

Commercial only

Optical gel is a perfect solution for balconies, ledges, company signs, roofs, or AC units. It is a multi-sensory repellent that affects sight, smell, and touch. The gel is sticky to the touch and smells like peppermint oil, which birds hate. Wherever the product is placed, birds will see fire or smoke even though there is no fire or smoke present.

Western's bird inspection and control process

Our bird control process includes a consultation and inspection, as well as bird removal and prevention methods. Your bird control method may include a combination of deterrent, trapping, removal, and/or exclusion techniques to get rid of any birds on your property.

  • Consultation - Your Technician will consult with you about the bird issues you are having and learn where any trouble spots are.
  • Inspection - Your Technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your property looking for nests, the actual birds, and their access points.
  • Removal - Your Technician will implement a deterrent or trapping method to safely and humanely eliminate the birds and their nests.
  • Prevention - If necessary, your Technician may provide you with a prevention method to stop the birds from returning.

How to avoid birds from nesting

Getting birds to stop visiting your property is a little difficult, but you can make your home or business less appealing to them.

Remove access points

  • Seal up holes or small openings to prevent birds from nesting
  • Add deterrents to ledges, window sills, cracks in the wood, eaves, and holes to force them to land somewhere else

Remove food sources

  • Remove bird feeders
  • Keep trash areas clean and away from structures, ensuring trash cans have tight-fitting lids
  • Clean up any outdoor food spills
  • Place ‘Please don’t feed the birds’ signage around your business

Maintain landscaping

  • Keep lawns, shrubs, and trees well-maintained and trimmed
  • Keep areas under shrubs free of vegetation and debris to eliminate potential nesting locations
  • Install a fence around bodies of water to deter geese

Contact Western Exterminator for bird control today

One of our highly trained bird control Technicians can come to your home or business to discuss a custom bird control method for you. Your Technician will find the likely places where the pest birds are nesting and determine the best way to safely remove the nests and birds and keep them from coming back.

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