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5 ways to beat indoor moths

Moths are notorious for destroying clothes, particularly those in long-term storage. They’ll also eat up blankets, drapes and any other fabric they can find. They can also be difficult to eliminate. If you’ve discovered a moth infestation, consider the following pest management tips:


1. Clean.

Moths thrive in dirty environments. One of the easiest pest solutions is to keep a tidy living space. This includes cleaning drawers, cabinets, cupboards, closets and under your bed. A vacuum cleaner can be a real blessing in this endeavor, but a broom works equally well.

2. Control humidity.

Clothes moths love a humid room – 80 to 90 percent humidity, to be precise. Strategically place dehumidifiers in trouble spots around your home to help keep the humidity down and the moths out.

3. Use repellents.

Cucumbers are a natural pest management method for repelling moths and many other pests. Moths, like ants and other insects, detest the bitter peels of a cucumber. Place the peels in entrances and on windowsills to deter moths from entering your home. Cedar is also a renowned natural moth repellent, and many cedar products are available to place in your closets and with any other stored clothing.

4. Set a trap.

There are a number of chemical pest solutions for moths (mothballs, etc.), but there is also an all-natural way. Fill a container with water and fix a night light or other small bulb directly above it. The moth will be attracted to the light and will end up either falling or diving into the water and dying. Be careful about mixing water and electricity, though. Moths = bad; electrical fire = worse.

5. Call a professional

If you’ve tried every pest management technique you can think of and you still have moths, call a pest control company.

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