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Brown marmorated stink bug control: what you should know

Local pest control services warn about an invasive species that’s hungry for the fruits, berries, legumes and vegetables in your garden—the brown marmorated stink bug. When the weather begins to grow cooler in the Pacific Northwest, you may notice these stink bugs inside your home or business as they begin searching for shelter. As you may have experienced, these pests can sure be a nuisance. What are they, exactly? And how do they get inside? Western Exterminator has the answers here.

Native to Asia, the brown marmorated stink bug got to the U.S. by hitching a ride in a packing container that ended up in Pennsylvania in 1996. In addition to the offensive odors that they produce, they can damage young trees and the crops that local farmers grow. The crops and ornamental plants present in the Pacific Northwest provide a source of food for them.

Spotting brown marmorated stink bugs indoors is not a welcome sight. Luckily, Western Exterminator knows how to get rid of problems with these insects in areas like Portland, Seattle and Boise. The first step is getting in touch. If you’ve seen these stink bugs on your premises, call us at 888-444-6138 or contact us online to arrange a time for us to visit you and inspect the issue.


Brown marmorated stink bug bite

Do brown marmorated stink bugs bite? You’ll probably be glad to learn that they do not. Though they do have piercing-sucking mouthparts, they use them to harm crops and ornamental plants, such as plants sitting on your porch, or plants in your garden. In addition to the damage they do to agriculture, brown marmorated stink bugs can certainly be bothersome on your residential or commercial property. Bugs in your home or business seldom look appealing, and their presence could potentially make your premises appear unsanitary.

Brown marmorated stink bug smell

When they are crushed, brown marmorated stink bugs yield an odor, which could create a poor experience for visitors or customers at your home or business. These bugs can be found in multiple places including on your walls and near your windows. They could be found in lights too. Brown marmorated stink bugs are also capable of flying, so no chandelier or oculus window is out of reach.

Although they are not dangerous, brown marmorated stink bugs can enter your structure through an open door or window if you’re not careful. Make sure you repair window screens that are damaged and seal up gaps around your doors.

Brown marmorated stink bug

Brown marmorated stink bug vs. rough stink bug

The rough stink bug is a beneficial pest that eats insects like aphids. It looks similar to the brown marmorated stink bug, but has a few distinct differences:

  • Outer appearance: A young brown marmorated stink bug has spines in front of its eyes and along the edge of its shoulders. Adults have shoulders that look smoother. Adult rough stink bugs have rough-looking shoulders.
  • Antennae: The brown marmorated stink bug’s antennae have off-white, yellowish or orange bands. Rough stink bugs don’t have any bands on their antennae.
  • Legs: The brown marmorated stink bug has one light-colored band on its legs. The rough stink bug has two white bands on its legs.
  • Head shape: The end of the brown marmorated stink bug’s head is tapered and pointy looking. The end of the rough stink bug’s head is more blunt and square.

Brown marmorated stink bug control

Brown marmorated stink bugs overwinter inside homes and buildings. As the weather warms, you may start to notice the invasive species around your property. Prevent the bugs from coming into your home by sealing any cracks on the exterior walls of your home and keeping your garden clean. Sealing needs to be done in late September before the insects begin to enter.

At Western Exterminator, we understand that a stink bug infestation can be concerning and needs to be addressed. If you have a brown marmorated stink bug problem, Western can visit your property and perform an inspection to learn more about where you are noticing the stink bugs. We may recommend you take certain steps to exclude the pests from your property. Control methods may include application of pest control product.

Do you live in areas of Oregon, Washington, or Idaho such as Roseburg or Salem? Are you starting to see brown marmorated stink bugs? Employ the squish-on-sight tactic and report the sighting to a reliable pest control company that understands how to handle stink bug issues. Western Exterminator is your local insect control expert and will know just what should be done. Reach out to us today!

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