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Western Exterminator (formerly Alpha Ecological) provides pest control and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services and crawlspace restoration services to Coeur D’Alene and surrounding areas. Western Exterminator is  Coeur D’Alene’s expert for rodent and termite control as well as controlling pests such as bed bugs, fleas, flies and cockroaches, and spiders, bees, beetles and all kinds of ants (carpenter ants, “sugar” ants and more). Our technicians are skilled at effective pest removal while keeping your family and the environment safe.

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About Western Exterminator

Western Exterminator has been providing proven pest control solutions for nearly 100 years. Since 1921, we have been the most efficient and reliable answer for homeowners who need termite and pest control services to rid their property of nuisance pests.

Western Exterminator Idaho offices

Contact your local Idaho Western Exterminator pest control specialist today and set up a time for a property inspection.

Pest control services in Idaho

Whatever your pest problems, there is an Idaho exterminator who can help with Western Exterminator. If you have ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, wasps pest problem in your property, our highly trained and certified pest control specialists are ready to eliminate the infestation.

Western Exterminator experts conduct detailed property inspection that seek out the areas that pests are most commonly found and offer effective treatment options. Our pest control specialists in Idaho will provide advice on how to prevent a return infestation.

Pests that are active in Idaho from April to September include: carpenter ants, box elder bugs, soil ants, centipedesearwigs, termites, pavement ants, spiders, moisture ants, bees and wasps. Pests that are active in Idaho from October to March are: box elder bugs, termites, spiders, mice, rats, soil ants and carpenter ants

Whether you own a home or business, or both, there is a local Idaho Western Exterminator pest control specialist you can partner with. Contact us today.

Bed bug control Idaho

Bed bugs are a growing problem throughout Idaho. Big cities like, Coeur d’Alene, have seen a rise in bed bugs in the last decade.Bed bugs feed on blood from humans and are nocturnal, preferring to feed at night when their intended hosts are laying still and won't disturb them. Stop bed bugs from feeding on you or anyone in your family by calling Western Exterminator. Idaho residents and businesses can trust our specialists will offer dependable bed bug removal and bed bug prevention solutions with a smile.

Contact us online or give us a call to set up an inspection today.

Spider control Idaho

Spiders are one of the most common things that people are afraid of. More than heights or closed spaces, people are afraid of spiders. The good news is that very few spiders in Idaho are dangerous to humans. Spiders tend to like living indoors so they can catch insects. A few spiders in your home can be beneficial, but too many can be a problem.

Western Exterminator’s Idaho-licensed spider control specialists will treat attics, basements and crawlspaces where the spiders like to hide. Too many spider webs in a home will make your residence look unkempt. Spiders will bite if in close contact to humans. Don't risk bites to yourself or your family. Get rid of them now!

Cockroach control

Act fast and contact Western Exterminator to schedule an inspection with a cockroach control specialist.

Ant control solutions

Rid your property of ant infestations with the help of your local Western Exterminator team.

Commercial pest control

Highly trained specialists. Knowledge of current legislation. Innovative solutions. Western Exterminator has your business covered.

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