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Rats: Is your business at risk?

Rodents are smart, resilient, and fairly destructive mammals. Just short of having superpowers, they have the ability to reproduce at the speed of light, leap tall buildings in a single bound, chew through solid metal and survive impossible feats. It’s no wonder rodents are some of the more difficult pests to eradicate—outwitting traps, baits and their captors, time and again.

However, at Western Exterminator, we believe that it doesn’t take kryptonite to win the battle against rodents. With nearly 100 years of local pest control experience, we believe that forging strong partnerships with our customers is the most effective approach to rodent control. Protecting your investment, whatever that may be—home, business, brand, has never been easier.

Is your business at risk?

Some of the same things that are integral to your business' operations are the very things that are attracting rats. Here, we outline four common ways your business could be inviting them in.

Does your business have external utility wires?

Rats climbing opportunities

Phone or cable wires running from utility posts to your building offer the perfect high wire for rats with acrobatic abilities to cross. With no fear of heights, a rat can survive a 50-foot fall.

Is your business near a river or sewer?

Swimming opportunities

With the ability to tread water for three days, rivers and sewers provide express waterways for rats to navigate, allowing them to easily explore whichever ports offer the best resources.

Is your business located in a cold-climate state?


Cold winters drive rats to seek out warmth, food and shelter. Businesses remain at risk during the colder months.

Is your business near a water source?

Lakes, rivers, streams, water features, sewers… they all supply a steady source of water for thirsty rats.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday activity in your business, it can be easy to miss risk areas and warning signs of rat activity. With Western Exterminator’s team of pest control experts, know that you are not alone in your battle against rodents. Protect your investment and reduce your risk of a rodent infestation. Call us today at 800-937-8398 for a free risk assessment pest inspection.

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