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Bed bugs in California

Bed bugs are one of the more notorious pests you may encounter in your California home or business. The hard truth is that they are prevalent in the Golden State. Producing stress and fear, bed bugs are hard to eliminate and they can also live for months without consuming blood. Additionally, these small bugs are able to spread in a structure, which is why you should eliminate them quickly if they are at your premises.

So, how do you get rid of bed bugs? As much as you may want a quick fix for the problem, trying to do away with these parasites without a professional’s help will probably not work. A Western Exterminator bed bug specialist trained in bed bug control can remove the pests from your building. No matter where you live, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, we can help you deal with an infestation, so contact us if you have seen any warnings that bed bugs could be on the loose.

Where do bed bugs come from in California?

Bed bugs in a building are not a laughing matter; they can crawl to adjacent rooms and units if you do not combat them. Taking used furniture into a building can give these little creatures access. Bed bugs can also gain access if they are in the possessions of a person residing in an infested place. The parasites can enter a living place if they are on your clothes or luggage, too.

The prevalence of bed bugs in California is partially due to the high amount of tourists in the state. With all the travel activity and people moving around, it makes sense that these blood-consuming insects are widespread. On a positive note, some safeguards for renters are in place; for example, the law mandates that landlords in California give tenants information about bed bugs.

How to find bed bugs in California

Although it has not been proven that bed bugs spread disease organisms, these pests are still creepy to think about - after all, they do feed on human blood. Bed bugs are not easy to see, either; adults are about ¼ inch long. Although the reddish-brown insects can be found in places like apartments and hotels, they may also be found in locations like a California movie theater - really, any place where people are sitting for a long time.

As if their size does not make detection hard enough, bed bugs also like hiding and will usually wait until the middle of the night to feed on a person. Their flat bodies allow them to hide.

An adult female bed bug can yield five adult female bed bugs in a month on average. So, that could turn into more than 600 adult female bed bugs in four months. This means you should call a pest expert right away if you think your home or business has bed bugs. Watch for the following signs at your California building:

  • bed bug eggs
  • feces spots (which are red to reddish brown)
  • skins of bed bugs

How to prevent California bed bugs

Try to avoid a bed bug infestation, and the headache it brings, at all costs. Being cautious takes more effort but it could pay off in a big way if you stave off a problem. This fact comes into play when you are staying in a hotel room. Do not place luggage on your bed; place it on a rack instead. Additionally, in your home, survey the mattress and bed frame for bed bugs.

Still, even though you may do your very best to prevent bed bugs, they may still enter your premises. Western Exterminator is ready to lend a hand if this happens.

How to get rid of California bed bugs

If you live in California or operate a commercial property - such as a hotel that hosts tourists - it is imperative to stay alert for bed bugs and immediately take care of any problems that occur. A bed bug issue not likely to be addressed effectively without the help of experts who are trained in conducting a bed bug inspection, knowing what bed bugs look like, and understanding how to treat them.

That’s why you should reach out to your nearby Western Exterminator office in the Golden State to have one of our friendly bed bug experts inspect your premises to confirm there is a problem (we even have bed bug dogs that can help us). After the inspection, we will remove the bed bugs.

Afraid that bed bugs may be feeding on you at home or the customers at your business? Get in touch with us today!



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