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Welcome Arizona Exterminating customers! Arizona Exterminating is now officially part of Western Exterminator. Read more on how our two companies became one.

Bordered by Phoenix and Tempe, Scottsdale, Arizona has grown into the state’s sixth largest city. The city has a booming tourism economy that consists of restaurants, bars, art galleries and shopping malls. The climate attracts visitors from all over the world. Scottsdale, AZ experiences warm, mild winters and very hot summers, which is perfect for those who want to escape winter’s bitter cold. 

Scorpions, flies, spiders and rodents are just a few of the pests that home and business owners in Scottsdale, AZ have issues with. We understand that once you notice a pest infestation, you want an immediate resolution. As members of the Scottsdale, AZ community, Western Exterminator pest specialists can respond to pest control calls quickly and efficiently.

Scottsdale pest control reviews

Scottsdale, AZ rodent control

Many residents in Scottsdale, AZ have rodent infestation issues. Rodents such as, house mice and roof rats can cause property damage and carry diseases into properties. 

Rodents are smart pests, so you need a pest control company that can outsmart them. Western Exterminator pest control specialists are trained to identify what kind of rodent has entered your property, how to safely exterminate them and prevent an infestation from returning in the future. 

There are many tourist attractions in Scottsdale, so keep up with the competition by implementing a safe and reliable pest control service to protect your business from dangerous rodents. 

Josh Huggins

Scottsdale District Manager

With the exception of a few years, I have spent my life in the great state of Arizona. I got into the pest control business by way of recommendation from the pest specialist that serviced the office at which I used to work. He seemed to love his job so much that I decided to follow suit. Our company is passionate about giving back to the communities in which we live and work. That is what makes it such a great company to work for.

Scorpion control Scottsdale, AZ

Scorpions aren’t just an issue in newly constructed homes, surrounded by deserts. Even in populated areas, scorpions can find their way into your home or business. Scorpions can be difficult to remove from a property because they are hardy insects. 

Western Exterminator experts have the proper training and equipment to remove and prevent scorpions infestations. We’re trained to find scorpion hiding spots so we can get to the root of your issue. Our licensed entomologist train our pest specialists with the latest methods and techniques for scorpion control and prevention.



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