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Arizona contains many bugs. You may have seen some of them crawling around your home or business from time to time. If you’re a Phoenix resident, you should take a little time to learn about some of the bugs that people in the Copper State's capital city are often curious about.

If you’ve seen any of the pests below at your property, we have good news: Western Exterminator experts are prepared to deal with these creatures as well as other unwanted pests. We are dependable bug exterminators and you can count on us for solutions that work.

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Termites: termite tubes and more

Termites are known all too well for the harm they can cause to properties, and they are quite common in Arizona. In order to protect your Phoenix home or business from termites, you should learn more about them.

The desert subterranean termite (Heterotermes aureus) is common in Arizona and is well fit for the desert. In fact, this species thrives in the arid and hot climate - which is not the best fact for Phoenix dwellers. The desert subterranean termite goes after wood such as desert trees and utility poles. Desert subterranean termites swarm when it’s nighttime.

What is a warning signal of a desert subterranean termite infestation? One sign is tubes from ceiling rafters and plasterboard. These termites can construct mud tubes in order to get to wood. The tubes are yellowish-white to tan. You shouldn’t mess around if you see termite tubes.

You’ll want to get your Phoenix property checked out for termites in order to prevent them from creating a significant amount of damage. Contact Western Exterminator today to arrange a termite inspection. It’s the wise first step toward catching any problems. From there, we will let you know about termite treatment cost and work toward finding a solution for any termite troubles you may have.

Bed bugs: bites, removal

You probably aren’t too fond of the idea of a bug feeding on you while you sleep at your Phoenix home, or the prospect of customers encountering these pests at your commercial property. Here is what you need to know about bed bugs.

Bed bugs are insects that feed on human and animal blood. Bed bugs are not big - they’re about an appleseed in size and reddish brown in color, if they’ve fed. Bed bug eggs are very small and colored pearl white.

The prospect of bed bug bites may scare you the most. If you are bitten, you might not notice it until you see bite marks, which are a bit swollen and can itch. Some people can have allergic reactions to bed bug bites.

Bed bugs can enter your Phoenix property via used furniture or in objects such as luggage. This means if you’re at a hotel on vacation, you could pick up bed bugs by putting your suitcase on the bed.

We know you want to avoid a bed bug infestation. Make sure you don’t put your suitcase on the floor or the bed at a hotel, and make sure you look over used (or new) furniture prior to taking it into your home. If you do suspect you’re experiencing a bed bug infestation, contact a pest control expert. Western Exterminator bed bug experts can handle your problems and we are skilled in bed bug treatment and removal. Reach out to us today!

Spiders: wolf spider, orb weaver spiders

Though spiders are not technically bugs (spiders are arachnids), they also warrant mention. People do not always realize that spiders can be beneficial because they feed on pests like insects. Still, spiders never fail to frighten and some of them can hurt humans. Common Arizona spiders include the black widow spider and wolf spider, among others. The infamous brown recluse spider does not reside in Arizona.

The wolf spider is common in the Copper State. Despite this spider’s threatening-sounding name, you should not be too worried about serious health issues resulting from its bite. Orb weaver spiders can also be found in Arizona. The abdomen of this type of spider is typically rather large but is not always the same shape.

You may encounter the Western black widow spider (Latrodectus hesperus) near a structure. On a positive note, this spider is not likely to show aggression; however, it mounts a defense if you squish it against your skin. You do want to avoid its bite, which can bring on much pain.

Of course, if you experience any serious symptoms from a spider bite, you should contact a medical professional.

If you are having run-ins with spiders on a frequent basis in Phoenix, reach out to Western Exterminator. We will relieve you of the burden that spider problems create. If you encounter problems with spiders, antsscorpions or any other pests, contact us today!

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