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Common Arizona pests

Arizona has its fair share of common pests and nuisance animals. To help you make sense of all the bugs, rodents and other nuisance creatures around you, we have put together this guide to common Arizona pests. Click through the links below to learn more about each pest. You will find information on how to identify them, where they nest, what they feed on, what dangers they carry and tips on how to prevent an infestation.

If you have a problem with pests in and around your home or businesscontact your local Western Exterminator office and set up a property inspection.

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Arizona rodents

Arizona pest control for residents

As a homeowner in Arizona, we know how much you value and take pride in your homes. There are a lot of things to consider and worry about as a homeowner. You remodel the home, decorate it, live in it and raise your family there. The last thing you want to worry about is pest control.

However, if you find the signs of mice or rats, or you see spiderscockroachesbed bugs or any other kind of Arizona pest, then you need to contact the exterminator nearby to get the job done fast and done right. Fortunately, for Arizona homeowners, this means Western Exterminator is there to help and they will find the pests, remove infestations, and help prevent returns.

Because pests hide behind walls, inside attics and other places which are very hard to find for the average person, it takes special training and equipment to find the pest infestation. It is also key to deal with pests in a manner that really eliminates the pest problem and then implement solutions which will prevent repeat infestations. This is why hiring pest control professionals for your home is so important.

Arizona pest control for businesses

Running a business takes a lot of work. There are so many things you need to keep track of to run a business successfully. After you think you’ve thought of everything, your reputation can be ruined very quickly if you have a pest infestation. This is particularly true in food-related industrieshotelsrestaurants or bars or any place which faces the public where perception is key.

There are risks to your reputation and to the health of your customers. Pests like cockroaches, flies and rodents bring the potential for contamination of food, various food preparation surfaces and other areas. This is why professional business pest control services are so important because the pros are trained to deal with these infestations successfully and by taking your customers into consideration.

Western Exterminator business pest control specialists are ready to help. We know how to inspect your property in a way and at a time that works for your business. We will find where pests like flies, cockroaches, rodents and other pests are getting in. We will track down why they are finding your business particularly favorable for infestation, get rid of them and then offer year-round solutions to keep pests away.

Arizona pest control for ants

Ants are commonly found in Arizona, and they may infest your property. As you probably know, ants are a big nuisance, but they can lead to bigger issues. One ant - the carpenter ant - creates tunnels in wood such as logs, and if your structure contains wood, it could face this problem.

You may also deal with Pharaoh ants, which are about 1/16 inch in length and colored yellow to red. Pharaoh ants are attracted to moisture so make sure you fix any leaks or identify areas with excess moisture.

If you are experiencing a severe ant infestation, Western Exterminator can help. Your pest specialist can identify the ant species causing you trouble and administer treatment that is best for that pest. Ants should not be found inside your premises and we will get them out. In the meantime, seal openings in your building that may let ants inside.

Contact Western Exterminator for Arizona pest control

The professionals at Western Exterminator are experts in the prevention and removal of all of the pests listed above for homes and businesses. Our pest control specialists are trained to find pests and are armed with the latest methods for removal and pest prevention.

Contact Western Exterminator for a free inspection and to discuss a pest control solution that will work for you, your family and your business.

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