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Welcome Arizona Exterminating customers! Arizona Exterminating is now officially part of Western Exterminator. Read more on how our two companies became one.

For years Western Exterminator has been providing reliable and trusted pest control service for commercial and residential property. Our pest removal service is environmentally friendly and causes as little disruption as possible. Our exterminators are local, to provide you with fast service all across Arizona.

Pests can appear when you least expect them. Regardless of whether it is for your home or business, you need to look into Phoenix pest control so you can get the problems under control. Some pests can cause structural damage to your structure while others can bite you and invade your space. You need to be pest free in Phoenix and we can help at Western Exterminator.

We service homes in Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, Scottsdale and more cities across the state. If you have a question about pest removal or pest control call the experts at Western Exterminator.

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Termite control in Phoenix, AZ

Termites are widely considered the #1 pest in Arizona and the Phoenix area. While many types of termites are active throughout the Copper State, subterranean termites pose the greatest threat to homes and businesses. If a termite infestation goes untreated, the wood-destroying insects can cause significant property damage. 

Partner with Western Exterminator for termite control and prevention solutions. Ask about our termite fumigation and termite monitoring services. Our local exterminators have years of experience treating the most common termite species in Metro Phoenix. 

Phoenix pest control reviews

Matt Wydra

Phoenix District Manager

The pest control world is constantly evolving, and the challenge of continuing to keep our clients pest free in this environment makes me happy to do my job everyday. In my many years in pest control, I have built countless relationships that I value greatly. A 19-year Arizona resident, I volunteer as a youth soccer coach and as team manager for a local soccer club. I am proud to be a part of bettering our community.

Trusted experts in pest removal

There are all kinds of pests that come with living in the Arizona heat. Our specialists train all year long to provide an integrated pest solution that stops infestations and prevents new ones.

We can remove pests like scorpions, spiders, ants, termites and more. We do the job right and strive for total customer satisfaction.

You will find there are many pest control products and services on the market. It can be overwhelming to choose a product to treat your pest problem – and that’s why you need a pest control service in Phoenix you can rely on. We will provide you with a full pest control inspection and determine what products will take care of the problem.

Western Exterminator will eliminate a problem. Once we treat your home or business, we will come out at no cost if you see the problem again within a given time frame. This means you get an affordable solution to your problem that you can count on.

Learn how to get a pest control service in Phoenix scheduled today. Regardless of what your home or business is like, we can make a difference because of our many years of experience dealing with pests.

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Pigeon control solutions

Western Exterminator has worked with many Phoenix property owners to protect their investments, families, employees and customers from the risks associated with pigeons. Pigeon droppings can damage buildings and poise a health risk to people. 

Our team in Phoenix offer customers pigeon deterrent solutions that remove pigeons and prevent infestations from reoccurring. Contact us online today to setup a inspection with one of our bird control specialists.

Bed bug control in Phoenix, AZ

Bed bugs can be brought indoors if they attach themselves to luggage, clothes or another object and that object enters a new place. This issue can be a particular problem in apartments and hotels. Also, bed bugs can hurt the reputation of a commercial property if these creatures are found there.

Without pest control expertise, it will be hard for you to locate bed bugs and solve the problem. You should contact a pest professional with good bed bug knowledge to get rid of an infestation at your Phoenix home or business. Western Exterminator is the perfect choice for getting rid of bed bugs - contact us today if you suspect they have invaded your home or business.

Phoenix spider control experts

Spiders can be very frightening, but keep in mind that just a small number of spider species are seen as dangerous to people. The Arizona brown spider and the black widow spider are examples of venomous spiders in Arizona. Regardless of whether the spiders infesting your property are venomous, live spiders and their webs are not very visually appealing.

If you have spotted spiders at your Phoenix property, don’t fear! Western Exterminator experts are prepared to find spiders and get rid of them. Reach out to schedule a spider inspection with us today.

Cockroaches in Phoenix

Arizona contains different species of cockroach such as the American cockroach, German cockroach and Turkestan cockroach. You’ll want to eliminate these pests right away - cockroaches can leave droppings in your property, feed on book bindings, and create other issues. If you have seen cockroaches around your home or business, get in touch with a pest control expert.

Think you’ve got roaches in your Phoenix property? Turn to Western Exterminator. We can perform an inspection to figure out how the cockroaches entered and remove them. Set up an appointment with us today.

Question & answer

What's a pest?

You may think that any random bug outside in Phoenix is a pest, but that’s not necessarily the case. A pest is an undesired organism that negatively affects people. This could involve harming property, biting, or other problems. At Western Exterminator, our pest specialists are equipped to handle your pest problems. Learn more about our services.

Which Phoenix pests should I keep an eye out for?

A variety of pests call Phoenix home. You certainly want to stay vigilant about termites due to the harm to property that can result from their activity. You should also steer clear of the Arizona bark scorpion and its threatening venom. The cockroach is another creature to keep at top of mind, as they often yield offspring in unclean places. Bed bugs should also go on your list of pests to be aware of - they can be tough to see but can be located in places such as headboards of beds.

Who is responsible for bed bugs, landlord or tenant?

It depends on what the circumstances are. In general, a landlord is responsible for bed bug control, but most rental agreements these days include a policy that articulates each party’s responsibility. Arizona law requires that landlords supply tenants with bed bug educational materials and landlords are not allowed to lease a place if they are aware that it is infested with bed bugs. On the other hand, tenants must let a landlord know about an infestation of bed bugs and they are not permitted to bring bed-bug infested materials into a unit.

What are signs of termites in Phoenix?

If you spot mud tubes around your property, that could signify a desert subterranean termite infestation. Desert subterranean termites are common in Arizona. Their tubes are light-colored and can be found at ceiling rafters and plasterboard. Western drywood termites can also be a problem - pay attention to fecal pellets and wings that have been shed. If you observe any of these red flags of termites at your Phoenix property, you should contact a pest expert because you may be dealing with a termite infestation. Learn more about our termite treatment options.