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Business sector insights

With many industries requiring a ‘zero tolerance’ to pests, we understand that a pest-free environment is critical. Our removal and control programs are tailored to protect your business and your customers from pest-related problems and diseases.

Our pest prevention, early detection and innovative solutions help protect your business, ensuring the highest standards are maintained. Learn more about the various industries we service below.


Food sectors

Western Exterminator works proactively with businesses in the food sector to help prevent infestations, deal with outbreaks, stop further contamination and mitigate the risk of future pest infestations.

We control risks from pests in compliance with industry best practice, food standards and food legislation.


Keep your crops, equipment and property safe from pests with Western.

Food processing

Western works with businesses in the food sector to help prevent infestations.


Western has years of experience working with hotels to keep them pest-free always.


Protect your storage, preparation and customer environments from pests.

Non-food sectors

Western Exterminator has decades of experience working with businesses and industrial sites of all sizes to keep their properties, operational environments and staff safe from the health and safety risks that potential pest infestation outbreaks could bring.

Discover how we could help your business stay pest-free always.

Facilities management

Protect your property & staff from pest infestations.


Keep unwanted pests away from your public areas and council facilities with the experts at Western.

Grocery stores

Western has decades of experience working with stores to keep their properties safe from the health risks that pest infestation outbreaks could bring.


Protect your shopping centres and retail stores from pests always. We understand there’s no room for pests in your store.


Rest assured that we provide you with peace of mind to focus on the future of the youth while we take care of all pest control aspects.


Protect your properties, operational environments and staff from pests.

Health sectors

As the leading expert in pest control, Western Exterminator has the expertise to deliver the highest level of reassurance against pests, while being sensitive to the special needs of working in a healthcare environment.

We understand that your patients come first and in primary healthcare, the risks of cross-contamination are acute.

Discover how we could help keep your hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities pest-free always.

Healthcare facilities

Keep your working environments safe and protect your staff from potential health risks by pests.

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Enjoy pest-free living all year long with PestFree365+. See how our home pest control plan protects you and your family from 36 common pests.