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Western Exterminator is your local pest control expert in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our team of pest control and customer service experts have more than 40 years of local expertise in this market. Previously known as Steritech, we have been supplying pest control services here for many years.

Rats, mice and stored product pests are particularly prevalent in Utah during the fall and winter. Flies are also very active around the summer months. Pavement ants and odorous house ants typically arrive with the rain during the spring and sometimes in late summer during monsoon season.

Places we service include:

  • Salt Lake City
  • West Valley City
  • Lehi
  • Park City
  • Ogden
  • Provo
  • Orem
  • Tooele

Western Exterminator can provide something special that some of our competitors can’t – a team of local pest control experts dedicated to solving our customers' issues and developing plans to keep pests away all year long. Our specialists bring decades of local pest control knowledge to the Salt Lake City market, and that expertise is what makes our clients happy and pest-free. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you get rid of pests at your property.

Eric Maki, Operations Manager

In 2010, Erik Maki joined Western Exterminator, where his pest control routes covered areas of Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. Now, as Operations Manager, Erik and his family call Salt Lake City home and are loving Utah. “We see new challenges every day and enjoy taking care of them to keep our clients and customers living pest free.”

Salt Lake City bed bug control

Bed bugs may be small, but they could create big problems for your property in Salt Lake City. Not only are these insects difficult to eradicate, but news of a bed bug infestation can create anxiety at home or damage the reputation of your business if you operate a commercial property. At Western Exterminator, we understand bed bug habits and will inspect your premises to identify where they could be hiding.

Bed bugs can enter your property on items that you bring indoors, such as luggage. Infestations can become worse if you do not take action, so if you have noticed signs that these pests have infested, contact Western right away.


Rats and mice in Salt Lake City

If you’ve ever spotted a rat or mouse at your home or business, you know it can be frightening. But besides causing damage to items through their gnawing (which could even create the risk of fires), rodents can transmit disease and contaminate food. That could turn into a serious issue at your home or business, such as a restaurant or hotel.

Have you spotted mice or rats or seen signs that they could be hiding at your property? Get in touch with a rodent control professional right away. Western Exterminator specialists in the Salt Lake City area know how to get rid of rats and mice. We will use the most effective methods to eliminate these pests, and we can also help you understand how to prevent them from coming back. Reach out to Western as soon as possible if you think you have a rodent infestation.

Wasp issues?

Wasps in Salt Lake City can show aggression in late summer as they search for food and shelter. Wasp stings can hurt a lot and can pose a serious threat if their nests are located in areas where people frequent, such as around your home or business. We do not recommend attempting to get rid of a wasp nest by yourself. You should consult with a pest control professional who is trained to handle wasp problems.

Western Exterminator understands that wasps can create fear and we will seek to get rid of these pests as soon as possible. Get in touch with us for expert wasp control today.



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