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Business owners and home owners in Hayward, California have turned to Western Exterminator for reliable and safe pest control for decades. We have been trusted by customers to protect their homes and businesses for nearly 100 years. Our pest control technicians are working in, living in and contributing to our communities to give prompt, reliable service. Western Exterminator's technicians are highly trained, licensed and state-certified pest specialists and the industry's most trusted team of pest management experts - from entomologists to PhDs.

Our pest control specialists cover Alameda County from Hayward to Oakland, as well as Berkeley, Cupertino, Fremont, Milpitas, Pittsburg, Union City, and surrounding areas. Our highly trained professionals will remove your pest problem and utilize state-of-the-art methods to prevent pests from returning.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does pest control cost?

There are many factors that determine the cost of pest control, which makes it impossible to give a fixed price for treating each pest in every situation.

The price is determined by factors including:

  • Pest type
  • Extent of the infestation
  • Size and type of property
  • Treatments chosen
  • Number of treatments required to eliminate the pest
  • Service options chosen, such as monitoring and prevention services

We will do an initial survey and present you with a quote and recommendations for your specific pest problem. We will discuss our recommendations and options with you for you to choose the services you want. See more details on our pest control costs page

To request a survey and quote please call us at 800-937-8398 or submit a contact form.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. The large number of visitors means these pests are frequently brought into hotels, apartments and homes in luggage. For businesses, it is essential to have a monitoring program to detect bed bugs as early as possible.

Once you have an infestation it is important to thoroughly survey your property to establish the extent of an infestation. There are many places where bed bugs can hide. Our specialists are highly trained to survey a property and determine the best available treatments.

There are a number of treatments available to eradicate all the life stages of bed bugs, including non-chemical and chemical treatments.

Check out our bed bug pages for more advice on detection and treatments to eliminate bedbugs.

If you need help now, call us at 800-937-8398 to speak to one of our pest control specialists or contact us online.

What is the best way to prevent pest infestations?

The best way to prevent a pest infestation is to make your home as unappealing to pests as you can. Pests need food, shelter and moisture, so preventing them from getting these in your property is a good first step. Maintaining your property so that there are no routes of access is also important. Check out our pest pages for advice on detecting and preventing pests, such as rodentstermites and ants.

However, knowing what pests might find attractive about your property and where the weak points are can be a challenge. This may need professional help.

The best way to find out how to stop pests is to contact us and discuss pest prevention methods. Signing up for a pest prevention program can save you money in the long run.

Check out our PestFree365+ plan to keep your home free from over 36 of the most common household pests all year long.

Residential pest control in Hayward, CA

Western has been providing residential pest control for over 90 years. We provide a wide variety of home and apartment pest control services to defend you from antsroachesratsmicetermites and any other harmful pests, all while protecting the environment too.

Pests like rodents and insects in your home can cause property damage, but also carry health risks. We take the same care to handle both types of property carefully and effectively.

Contact us at 800-937-8398 or fill in our online form to schedule an appointment today.

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of our PestFree365+ plan to protect your home:


Termites can cause extensive damage to your home if not detected and eliminated quickly.


Enjoy pest-free living all year long with PestFree365+. See how our home pest control plan protects you and your family from 36 common pests.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most feared pest problems. Contact us for effective treatments for this blood sucking pest.


Mice can climb and squeeze through tiny gaps to access buildings to find food and nesting places. They contaminate food and cause damage by gnawing.


Our specialists can identify the species of ant infesting your property and provide effective treatment.


Birds can damage buildings from nesting and their droppings and cause health problems by spreading parasites and diseases.

Termite control in Hayward

Termites can be eating away at wooden structures and household goods for years, spreading colonies that are hard to get rid of. Property owners may not be aware that the problem exists until there is extensive damage.

Drywood termites can cause tremendous damage. If the wooden floors of your building feel spongy or weak, or the doors are not closing correctly, you could have termites. Sometimes termites are mistaken for flying ants when they swarm and discard their wings in large numbers. They also make small holes in timber to push out their droppings, creating small patches of sawdust-like powder on the floor below. Keep an eye out for these signs of an infestation.

Call for a free initial inspection at 800-937-8398 or ask about our real estate termite inspection services.

Fumigation services

Fumigation is an effective way to get rid of a wide variety of pests in buildings, including bed bugstermitesstored product pests and more. Our licensed fumigators are very experienced professionals that have decades of experience in the industry. Whether you're looking to fumigate your home or business, we will take extra care to do the job right.

Our fumigation services include:

  • Full or partial building fumigation
  • Commodities, including railroad cars
  • Household goods
  • Fumigation for export requirements

An infestation of drywood termites may need a whole-building fumigation to effectively remove every individual termite in every colony. For the treatment to be effective the fumigation gas needs to penetrate all the timber and wooden items in the property.

Find out more about our termite fumigation service and the processes involved.

Contact our Hayward team to discuss the fumigation solutions available to you, including a free inspection, by calling at 800-937-8398 or submitting a contact form online.

Hayward bed bug removal

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of and require specialist knowledge to survey all the places they are likely to hide. They can survive for months without a meal and adapt to a variety of environments inside buildings.

Our pest specialists are trained with the most up-to-date bed bug removal techniques and equipment. Western Exterminator's Entotherm heat treatment eliminates bed bugs and other insects through the application of heat using specialized equipment. It is chemical-free and only requires a single treatment to solve bed bug problems in a whole room or for a set of infested furniture or goods with minimum disruption.

Contact us today and you can schedule a free pest inspection with one of our Hayward area pest specialists.

Commercial pest control

We are a trusted pest control provider to businesses in Hayward and across the West Coast. We are committed to protecting your business using the most effective, safest and environmentally friendly techniques.

Our services are provided by local experts backed up by the research and development capabilities of a global company.


Our innovative solutions will protect your guests, staff and reputation from pests such as bed bugs, flies, rodents and cockroaches.


Control pests that are attracted to food such as flies, mice and cockroaches and protect your customers and business

Food processing

Western Exterminator helps protect supplies, packaging, stores, production lines and finished products from pests at all points in the supply chain.


We provide solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities to prevent risks from pests such as flies, bed bugs, rodents and cockroaches.

Multifamily properties

Our integrated pest management approach provides long term pest control for buildings, their occupants, and the surrounding areas.

Commercial pest control

Highly trained specialists. Knowledge of current legislation. Innovative solutions. Western Exterminator has your business covered. Find out more here.

Drain line services

Drains are attractive to a number of pests due to the waste food and organic matter that is washed down by various types of human activity. Drains often become clogged with food particles, grease, hair dirt and debris, causing bad odors, blocking water flow and potentially causing more damage.

Our bioremediation service is designed for businesses in the food service industry. We work with your business and your budget to come up with the right solution to keep the drains working the way you want them. We find the reasons your drains are having trouble and come up with money-saving solutions to clean them out and prevent the problem from recurring.

Find out more about our bioremediation services.

Our service assurance

Western Exterminator provides a pest control service in three stages: survey, treatment and aftercare, to make sure your pest problem is dealt with in a professional way.

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Enjoy pest-free living all year long with PestFree365+. See how our home pest control plan protects you and your family from 36 common pests.