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About Western Exterminator

Western Exterminator has been providing proven pest control solutions for nearly 100 years. Since 1921, we have been the most efficient and reliable answer for homeowners who need termite and pest control services to rid their property of nuisance pests.


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Exterminators California

Founded over 100 years ago in Los Angeles, Western Exterminator went on to become a true California success story. The company has become famous throughout The Golden State for its trademark Mr. Little logo and dependable pest control services.

California is a state that has unique and different pest control problems from many of the other states. Since our climate stays warm year round, that means that pests that go out of season during cold months in other places stay active here. That's why Western Exterminator pest control specialists are so highly trained all year long to make sure they are ready to help deal with pests of all kinds.

Whether your home or business is dealing with problems like antsbed bugsspidersbirdsrodentsticks or other pests, there is a local Western Exterminator California pest control expert nearby who can help. Find your location in the list above and schedule an appointment today!

Bed bug control California

Bed bugs are all around us. They are common in just about every community and positively thrive in large cities such as Los Angeles. That's because bed bugs like when there are a lot of people living close together so they can breed and spread out, find new places to hide and more people on which to feed. The prevalence of bed bugs in California is also partially due to the high amount of tourists in the state. With all the travel activity and people moving around, it makes sense that these blood-consuming insects are widespread. Bed bugs are great at hiding, which makes them hard to detect until bite marks appear on your body in the morning.

Western Exterminator's California bed bug specialists are right nearby your home or business and ready to help get rid of a bed bug infestation. We use the latest techniques to find bed bug hiding spaces and the most effective methods to treat your homes and get rid of them. We can also offer advice and solutions to keep bed bugs away, too, so that you can decrease the likelihood of your property being re-infested in the future.

First, find your local bed bug control specialist and set up an appointment. Let them know what signs you are seeing and that you suspect bed bugs are the culprit. A licensed professional will then visit your property to identify the pests and offer treatment options. Contact us today!

Spider control California

Spiders are arachnids famous for building webs in order to trap insects that they then use for food. Sometimes spiders can be beneficial. Having just a few spiders around a home or property can actually reduce the population of pest insects such as mosquitoes. Spiders can become problematic when their population grows to areas where your family congregates. When too many spiders decide that the insect buffet at your house is the perfect place to be and you end up with an infestation.

Fortunately, there are few spiders in North America that are actually a danger to people. However, many species of spider are solitary and will, if cornered or threatened, bite to defend themselves. The bigger issue for many homeowners is that spider webs gather dust and clutter and make homes look shabby. Spiders can also be frightening to some people, too, and do harm to one's mental health.

Western Exterminator’s California spider control experts know what kinds of spiders are common here in California and how to remove them and their webs. We will stop the spider infestation and then offer advice and methods of preventing a return. Our pest specialists will inspect all the most common areas spiders are found, including attics and basements. 

Contact your local Western Exterminator office today and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists!

Popular pests in California

Get more details about some pests that are prevalent in California. If you are worried about these creatures at your home or business, reach out to Western Exterminator today.

Ant control solutions

Rid your property of ant infestations with the help of your local Western Exterminator team.

Cockroach control

Act fast and contact Western Exterminator to schedule an inspection with a cockroach control specialist.

Commercial pest control

Highly trained specialists. Knowledge of current legislation. Innovative solutions. Western Exterminator has your business covered. Find out more here.

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