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Bees in California

Bees come with pros and cons: If you live in California, you are probably aware that the state is known for its fruitfulness in agriculture, and bees play a central role in pollinating plants. Bees are prevalent in this area due to the high amount of agricultural activity. At times, however, bees can threaten people and if this is the case, control measures should take place. Bee control could greatly benefit someone who is allergic to stings and who may have a severe reaction if attacked.

Have you spotted a hive on your home or business, or do you see lots of bees and fear for your safety? Never attempt to get rid of bees on your own. While you may think it will work, you could end up hurting yourself. Reach out to a bee specialist instead. Western Exterminator can help you get rid of these stinging pests. We use safe management strategies and are respectful of bee populations. Get in touch with us right away if you see a high number of bees on your premises.

In the meantime, find some more bee facts below - this will help you understand more about bees in your state.

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California honey bees

Honey bees are one of the more common kinds of bees in the Golden State. European honey bees (one type of honey bee) are less aggressive compared to Africanized honey bees, which are commonly called “killer” bees. In California, you are likely to find Africanized honey bees in southern California. European and Africanized honey bees look almost the same but they act differently.

Contrary to what some people may think, European honey bees do not make it their goal to sting people. They will attack you if you appear to be creating a hazard for them. On the other hand, killer bees are more defensive and also swarm more often. Africanized honey bees create nests in a greater assortment of spots than European honey bees.

Queen honey bee

You may have heard of queen honey bees, but let’s learn about what exactly they do. A queen honey bee has mated and keeps sperm that came from drone bees. If she fertilizes an egg, it will become a queen bee or a worker bee; if the egg is not fertilized, it will become a male.

The honey bee colony has only one queen that lays eggs. The queen can live for multiple years and may lay hundreds of eggs in a day. The colony also contains workers that undertake tasks such as creating the hive and giving food to larvae and the queen.

Bumblebees vs honey bees

Bumblebees are also common in California. You may confuse these two bees, so how are they different? Bumblebees look hairy in general, and are black and yellow in color (but may be orange too) - versus honey bees, which are typically colored orangish brown.

If you’ve ever heard that bees can sting just one time, that doesn’t apply to all of them. Bumblebee females are capable of stinging more than one time, unlike honey bees, which die after stinging humans (due to their barbed stingers). Also, honey bee colonies tend to be larger.

Bee swarming season in California

Bee swarming typically occurs during the spring in California. Africanized honey bees can swarm more frequently, though. Remember not to bother a swarm, or you could get stung. If bees do chase you, do not stand still; rather, run and get inside a structure (or vehicle).

Do not immediately become scared if you see a swarm of bees. Honey bees actually swarm in order to look for a new place to live; they will begin a new colony. This involves a queen and some worker bees. No other bees swarm besides honey bees.

Bee control in California

As a reminder, it is never wise to remove bees on your own. For bees, it is best to call a pest control specialist. Our specialists know the difference between bees and other stinging insects, and can recommend the best course of action, depending on the stinging insect near your home or business. At Western Exterminator, we have good depth of expertise with bees in California.

We recognize that bees at your home or business can make you feel threatened, and we give our full effort to ensure you feel safe from the stinging insects. Are you concerned about bees at your premises? Contact us as soon as possible so we can come check out the issue and get it resolved.

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