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Spokane Valley, Washington, sometimes referred to just as "the Valley," is a unique area with unique pest control specialists. Whether the issue is insects such as antsfliesbed bugs or something like rodents, a Western Exterminator Spokane Valley, WA, pest control specialist is ready to help.

Western Exterminator specialists are trained and certified to deal with insects and rodents anytime of the year. Our specialists know the tricks that pests use to sneak into your property and causing damage and problems. We know where they like to hide and are up-to-date on the latest methods of removing pests and keeping them away.

Contact your local Western Exterminator specialist today and set up an appointment with one of our specialists today.

Mike Craven

Spokane Valley, ID District Manager

I'm very excited about my new position as Spokane and Coeur d'Alene District Manager.  After being introduced to the pest control industry, I felt like I had finally found my niche. I spent the first ten years working in pest control in Boise, ID and the last two years in Spokane, WA.

Spokane Valley seasonal pests

Find out more about common pest problems common in Spokane Valley, WA:

Bed bug control Spokane, WA

The Spokane Valley is unique in that the city is located near the water, which brings a whole bunch of unique pest problems. Among those, however, are bed bugs and they can insinuate themselves in your home or property and quickly start breeding. Just a couple of bed bugs can create an infestation that spreads all throughout an building.

Bed bugs are hard to find, but Western Exterminator bed bug specialists in Spokane Valley, WA, know where to find their hiding spaces. We also know the latest methods to get rid of an infestation so that you can sleep easily at night and not wake up with bite marks anymore.

Contact Western Exterminator and tell us about the bed bug problems you are experiencing.

Bird control Spokane Valley

Because Spokane Valley, WA, is right on the ocean there are some very interesting pest problems that can be involved. This includes birds, such as seagulls, which may not seem like a pest, but they can cause damage. Seagulls can be aggressive when seeking out food and their droppings can actually cause health problems, make the ground slippery and even aggravate health issues like asthma.

Western Exterminator specialists in Spokane Valley, WA, know how to take care of birds. We have all of the latest methods of bird control that humanely keep birds from nesting around your property. We use bird spikes, netting and other deterrent methods to keep birds away.

Call on the Western Exterminator experts for bird control solutions today.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Eliminate bed bugs from your property with Western Exterminator's uniquely tailored bed bug removal services.

Mosquito Control

Stop worrying about mosquitoes around your property by calling Western Exterminator.

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