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San Diego Termite Control

Sitting on the coastline of California, San Diego is highly susceptible to the residual effects of El Niño and Pacific hurricanes. However, the damage from such storms is not the only threat to San Diego properties. Although small in size, termites inflict a considerable amount of damage on homes and businesses every year.

Termites can do significant damage without being detected. Known as the “silent destroyers,” they tunnel through wooden structures below the surface for extended periods of time, often before you even realize you have a problem. Fortunately, the termite experts at Western can help put your mind at ease.

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Signs of termites in San Diego

Because termites can do such significant damage before you even know they are there, it is important to be on the lookout for signs of termites. Things to look for include:

  • Hollow-sounding wood
  • Tight-fitting doors or windows that are difficult to open
  • Buildup of termite frass (tiny pellets resembling sawdust or sand)
  • Piles of discarded wings
  • Mud tunnels

If you see any of these signs or feel that the structural integrity of your San Diego property has been compromised, call the termite experts at Western Exterminator immediately. There is no time to waste when it comes to termites, so it is best to get the professionals on the scene as soon as possible.

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Termites with wings

Flying termites or termite swarmers can be a key indicator of a termite infestation. Only a small subsection of termites are equipped with the wings necessary for flight, and when you see them swarming, a new termite colony is on the horizon. Termites with wings swarm at the beginning of the termite life cycle to breed and start a new colony. These winged termites are attracted to light, so they are often found around light sources such as lamps or windows.

Termite swarmers are often confused with flying ants. The two can be difficult to differentiate without the help of a professional. If you suspect you have flying termites on your property, contact us and have one of our pest specialist identify the pest and any necessary course of action.

Western Exterminator's San Diego Termite Inspection

Every year, termites cause approximately $5 billion in property damage. Don’t want to be part of the statistic? Team up with Western Exterminator to keep termites off of your property. With regular termite inspections, the chance of detecting these pests early on is much greater. Whether or not you currently have termites, our termite specialists will be able to provide the best recommendations for your specific situation. 

If we see conditions on your property that will likely attract termites, we we will point them out and provide recommendations for preventative actions. If termite activity is found, our specialists will work with you to determine the best solution, bearing in mind your needs and concerns.

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