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Located just a few miles from the Los Angeles International Airport, Carson, California is a city where home and business owners take pride in their property and the things they have built. When pest issues arise, residents want to take care of pest issues quickly and use a local pest control service to handle it. Fortunately, Western Exterminator is located in Carson to provide that pest control service.

Whether the pest control issue is ants, rodents, cockroaches, birds, spiders or some other pest, Western Exterminator has a pest control specialist who can help. We will remove the problem pest and then provide solutions to stop them from coming back.

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Albert Sanchez

Carson, CA, Manager

Bed bug control Carson, CA

Bed bugs are a real nuisance to homeowners and businesses. That's because bed bugs feed at night on blood from humans. Usually, the first sign that you have a bed bug infestation is when you either find bite marks on your body or you see blood spots on your sheets. The insects themselves, however, are hard to find and very good at hiding. Bed bug specialists in Carson, CA at Western Exterminator are nearby to provide relief.

Western Exterminator offers bed bug control services for properties all over the Carson area. We make sure to eliminate the insects that are onsite, locating their nesting areas, using the latest methods of treatment, and then keep them away.

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Termite control in Carson, CA

Termites destroy wood, which means they can do tremendous damage to homes and businesses by eating away the walls, floors, decks and other wooden structures. Throughout the U.S., termites are known to have caused millions of dollars worth of damage to property. Western Exterminator termite control specialists in Carson can help you protect your property and stop termite damage.

Western Exterminator specialists will find where the termites are getting in and confirm that there is a termite infestation. We will provide you with reliable termite treatment options and discuss termite prevention, too. We provide comprehensive termite control services so you don't have to worry about insects eating your home or business away.

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