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4 ways to keep birds away from your pool

There’s nothing worse than going out for a swim in your pool on a hot summer day only to realize you’re not the only one who had that bright idea. Suddenly, your time to relax is ruined by a pesky bird or multiple birds. Maybe they are just relaxing on the edge of your pool deck waiting to take a dip, or maybe one is actually using your pool as a birdbath. Either way, you didn’t plan on having a bird ruining your quiet afternoon. 

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of tips to keep birds away from your pool. These deterrent methods should hopefully do the trick in keeping the birds away, but we are always here to help if you need the experts in bird control.

Two white ducks laying on top of the water in a swimming pool.
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Why are birds attracted to my pool?

Simply put, birds are naturally attracted to bodies of water, making your pool a perfect landing spot. Like humans, birds are also attracted to a pleasant environment. If your yard has a bird feeder, trees with berries or nuts, a birdbath, or just a comfy (to a bird’s standards) spot to build a nest, a bird will make your yard their home in no time. Combine all of that with a pool, and you’ll be enjoying your summer backyard oasis with birds alongside you.

Tips to keep birds out of your pool

Here are some methods and tools you can use to keep pest birds out of your pool, so you and your family can soak up the sun in peace.

1. Keep your pool covered

Makes sense right? If you’re not using your pool, keep it covered so birds don’t get a free pass to jump in! Having a pool cover will eliminate any problems you are having with birds actually swimming in your pool, as they won’t be able to get in. A pool cover will also make the surface uneasy for any birds who just wanted to relax on top of the water, deterring them from landing there.

Professional Garden Technician working on pool cover and pool filter.

2. Remove food

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but eliminating one of the primary sources that could attract the birds to your pool area is a great way to keep them out. Keep your vegetation trimmed and consider removing any plants or trees with berries or nuts on them. This tip also applies to bird feeders. While it is nice to watch all the different birds land on your bird feeder, chances are it is attracting more unwanted birds to your property than you realize. 

PSA: Bird feeders can also attract many other unwanted pests to your yard, like chipmunks and squirrels.

Small tan colored bird perched on a tree branch with a swimming pool in the background.

3. Toys as decoys

Utilizing some of the equipment you already have in your yard can help keep the birds away. Pool toys can be used as the perfect decoy to make birds think there’s a predator in the water or around your pool. An alligator float? Perfect. A plastic fake owl on your pool deck? Might not have that curb appeal, but at least you’ll have fewer birds everywhere. (Just make sure to move the decoy every so often - birds are smart and will figure out that it is fake if you don’t.)

Fake owl decoy sitting on a red railing of a deck with green trees in the background.

4. Bird-Out™

If none of your DIY bird repellents are working, try our product, Bird-Out™! Bird-Out™ is an aromatic bird repellent that will keep birds away from your pool. This repellent is installed in a discreet wall dispenser and continually dispenses a small quantity of methyl anthranilate. This is a food-grade flavoring agent that has a mild grape scent for humans, but creates an unwelcoming environment for birds. It is perfect for any outdoor environment - especially pools!

Black Bird-Out wall dispenser attached to the side of a house by a screen door.

How to keep birds from pooping in your pool

Keeping your pool covered and the area around your pool free of food, bird feeders, and overgrown vegetation will make your swimming pool less attractive to birds. Following our four bird deterrent methods above are some of the best ways to keep birds away from your yard, and as a result will keep them from pooping in your pool. 

If you find bird feces in your pool, follow the Fecal Incident Response Recommendations to properly decontaminate your water. The chlorine in your pool will kill most of the germs found in bird droppings within minutes. However, according to the CDC, bird droppings can also contain a parasite harmful to humans, known as Cryptosporidium (crypto). Crypto can survive for days in pools, even if the pool is well-maintained and properly chlorinated. Better to be safe than sorry and take all precautionary measures to keep birds from pooping your pool.

Bird sitting on concrete over looking the swimming pool.

Western Exterminator gets rid of birds

The sounds of birds chirping in the A.M. can be wonderful to listen to, but we know everyone might not be a fan. If this is you, and you are experiencing a lot of birds on your property or in your pool, contact the Western bird experts today. We’ll put a bird control plan in motion, so you can enjoy your summer days.

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