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Bed bug control

Bed bugs. Arguably a worthy opponent of any pest controller and an undeniable nightmare for homeowners and business managers in the hospitality sector. Urbanization, a sharp incline of international tourism, and more diverse, high-volume accommodation options have aided the proliferation of bed bugs.

These highly resilient, parasitic insects have stood the test of time and are more prevalent today than ever. But don't worry, because Western Exterminator has put in a century of experience of work for you. Since 1921, we have been developing the most comprehensive bed bug detection, treatment and prevention solutions to protect your home and business.


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1. Bed bug

A state-certified Western Exterminator specialist will perform a thorough inspection of your property, looking for evidence of bed bug activity and potential risk areas.

2. Bed bug

If we find a bed bug infestation, Western Exterminator will customize a treatment plan from our comprehensive suite of solutions, specific to your needs.

3. Guaranteed protection

Western Exterminator offers a 30-day bed bug treatment warranty; follow-up visits to ensure we fully resolved your bed bug problem.

The most comprehensive bed bug inspection across the Western US - at no cost, no obligation

Professional bed bug treatments safe for children, pets and the environment

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