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Spokane, Washington was originally established as a trading post and is the first long-term European settlement in Washington. Spokane is the home of Gonzaga University, and various visual and performing arts theaters including the Spokane Symphony and Ballet, Spokane Civic Theatre, Bing Crosby Theatre and the Martin Woldson Theatre.  

The Spokane River runs through the city allowing for countless outdoor activities and recreations. Needless to say Spokane, Washington is an attractive place for tourism, but people aren’t the only visitors known to trek through Spokane. Spokane is popular with pests such as nuisance birds, bed bugs, spiders, ticks and termites.

Western Exterminator (formerly Alpha Ecological) has been in the Spokane, WA, area for decades, providing reliable, local pest control services for homes and businesses.

Schedule a free property inspection with a Western Exterminator pest control specialist in Spokane, WA, by contacting us using our phone number or our online contact form.

Customer reviews

The Nicest Guy! Outstanding Service!

"Terry has taken care of us and our pests expertly! He's the nicest guy and treats us like we're his only customer. Outstanding customer service!! Thank you, Terry!"
- Kandi B.

Mike Craven

Spokane, ID District Manager

I'm very excited about my new position as Spokane and Coeur d'Alene District Manager.  After being introduced to the pest control industry, I felt like I had finally found my niche. I spent the first ten years working in pest control in Boise, ID and the last two years in Spokane, WA.

Bed bug control Spokane, WA

Bed bugs are nasty little insects. They feed on people in the night often going undetected for long periods of time. Although difficult to identify without professional training, you may spot bed bugs around your bed or sofa or you may notice small infestation. They feed on people by consuming blood and the way in which you know you have an infestation are the various signs of bed bugs around your bed or sofa or from the red bite marks on your body. 

Since bed bugs are hard to see, they are hard to get rid of on your own. Many Spokane property owners partner with the professionals at Western Exterminator for bed bug control services. We offer responsive service fast with Washington-licensed pest specialists on call. Our treatment methods will remove bed bugs infestations completely.

Contact us at Western Exterminator in Spokane, WA, and tell us about your bed bug issues. We'll inspect your property and find the places they're hiding and help you get rid of them.

Bird control in Spokane, WA

When you own a business or home, you may not think about birds as pests, but there are certain bird species that can become a serious problem. There are even health problems associated with droppings such as those from pigeons. Starlings and sparrows are known to flock in huge numbers and build nests in any crack or crevice in roofs, siding and other places. Nesting can cause damage to homes. Too many droppings can make asthma symptoms worse and cause the ground to become slippery. Birds are also known to carry parasites that can transfer to humans.

The Western Exterminator team are the bird control experts in Spokane, WA, you need.  We can help remove the birds that are currently a problem around your property and then offer solutions that will prevent them from returning. We use humane methods to remove the birds from your building. Western Exterminator also offers solutions such as bird spikes, netting and other methods that make your property undesirable for birds to nest in.

Stop the damage and nuisance that comes with pest birds. Contact Western Exterminator in Spokane, WA, and tell us about the bird problems you're experiencing.

Spokane commercial pest control services

Your reputation is everything when you own a business. A pest problem can do terrible damage to how people in Spokane view your business. Pest infestations can also have your business shut down, inflict damage to property and inventory and bring health problems to the public. Get rid of cockroaches, ants, flies, rodents and other pests by contacting the Spokane pest control specialists at Western Exterminator.

Our pest specialists have local knowledge of the most common pests in the region because our experts live and work in Spokane area. We will take you and your business’ unique needs into account when coming up with an effective pest control solution. We will remove the pests and then offer services and treatments that will keep pests away. You can focus on running your business, and a Spokane Western Exterminator specialist will take care of the pests.

Contact us today and get a property inspection from a Western Exterminator specialist. We are waiting on call to discuss your business and pest control needs.



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