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Roseburg is known for its timber and its beauty, located in the Southern part of the state of Oregon in the Umpqua River Valley. The city of Roseburg is near the Umpqua National Forest, and has a strong economic landscape home to businesses like Umpqua Dairy, Umpqua Bank, Roseburg Forest Products, FCC Furniture Company and even a casino.

Wineries and breweries thrive on the landscape, making it a land of plenty. Roseburg is not only attractive to tourists passing through to visit Crater Lake, it is also an attractive place for pests like stored product pests, odorous house ants, spiders, rodents and termites.

Western Exterminator (formerly Alpha Ecological), has a team of pest experts that live and work in the Roseburg, OR, area. That means we are neighbors, as well as pest control experts. We can get there fast and provide you with treatments for your home or business that will remove pests and provide solutions to stop them from coming back.

Contact us for a property inspection today by using the phone number listed or by filling in our online form.

Customer reviews

A Lifesaver!

"Western has been a lifesaver for me with a persistent ant problem. Their service has kept us pest free and their recommendations for additional services, like under the house and outbuilding treatments, have been fair and reasonable. I also appreciate the regular reminders via telephone that my service is coming up."
- Bev H.

Al Bachman, Roseburg Operations Manager

I've been the Southern Oregon Operations manager for the past 6 years. My goal is to train, motivate, and lead highly inspired individuals in providing world-class customer service to all our wonderful clients.

Bed bug control for Roseburg, OR

If you are waking up in the morning and find small red bite marks on your arms, legs, neck, torso or other parts of your body, then it's probably in your best interest to contact the bed bug control experts at Western Exterminator. Since our Roseburg bed bug control experts live in the area, we can get there fast and do a thorough inspection of your business or home. We will search all of the hiding places that could be missed if someone other than a highly trained bed bug control specialist were to do the inspection. 

Western Exterminator has been treating homes and businesses for bed bugs for decades. We seek them out using detection methods that will track them down wherever they are hiding. We work with you to provide a reliable treatment option that could include spot checks, targeted chemical use and even heat treatments. We remove the bed bugs at all life stages and then help prevent them from coming back.

Whatever the signs of bed bugs you're finding around your home, contact the Roseburg, OR, bed bug control specialists at Western Exterminator. We are ready to help you so contact us today.

Termite control in Roseburg

Termites are one of the costliest pests that home and business owners can have. They can sometimes chew away at the wood around your property and wooden structures for years before anyone detects them. However, if your floor feels spongy, doors and windows are no longer closing properly, or you've seen discarded wings or other signs of termites, then you need to contact Western Exterminator and fast. Our Roseburg, OR, termite control specialists can stop the damage and prevent them from coming back.

Termites build mud tubes, work their way into wood and create huge infestations quickly. They never stop eating, needing the cellulose from wood just to survive.

Western Exterminator knows for sure if the signs you've seen are really termites. We have various methods to detect them and eliminate a termite infestation. We also work with you to prevent termites from returning to cost you more money and do more damage that will require repairs.

Contact us today and tell us that you need a termite inspection. Western Exterminator is ready to help you throughout the Roseburg, OR, area today.

Commercial pest control Roseburg, OR

You take great pride in the things you have managed to accomplish with your business. In Roseburg, OR, the community relies on local businesses to stimulate the local economy and provide employment for residents. One thing that can destroy a businesses' reputation or even shut it down entirely is a pest infestation. If you run a business that deals directly with the public, then you know someone spotting a cockroach, rat, flies, spiders or other pests can ruin that reputation.

Western Exterminator in Roseburg is standing by ready to help. We're as much a part of the community as your business. We take pride in providing reliable, dependable, local commercial pest control services. We work with you and your business to make sure that we provide the best pest inspection and removal services. We can also provide year round protection to stop pests from coming back once they've been removed.

Contact us today and tell us about your business and the pest concerns that you have. Western Exterminator is the reliable local pest control expert for Roseburg businesses like yours.



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