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How long do different mice live?

The life of a mouse is a short one. Though the tiny rodents that are the source of much anxiety and worry for many property owners only live a short while, they can cause a lot of trouble. The costly damage a mouse can do in a very short amount of time is unfortunately something that millions of home and business owners are faced with every year. But exactly how long do mice live?

The lifespan of a mouse does vary depending on the species.  Below are a few lifespan averages for some of the most common mouse species in the Western United States.

  • House mouse (Mus musculus) –  9-12 months
  • Deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) – 2-14 months
  • White-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) – 12-24 months
  • Western harvest mouse (Reithrodontomys megalotis) – 6-12 months

For any mouse control issues that you have around your property contact your local Western Exterminator specialist to get rid of mice today. We also offer attic disinfection services to remove any urine and droppings left behind.


A fast life

From their birth to their death, mice live extremely fast lives. Mouse pups will stop nursing on their mother only after a few weeks and set off on their quest for food. At only six weeks, female mice are sexually mature and capable of having babies. 

Being very small mammals, mice in the wild have a long list of predators, ranging from birds to coyotes to snakes, which shortens their life expectancy. In areas where predators are not abundant, mice populations can explode, resulting in significant damage to their environment.

Don't wait!

Just because a single mouse does not have a long lifespan does not mean your infestation will subside after a year. Mice are prolific breeders. A single female mouse can give birth to 25-60 mice in a year, so a few mice gaining entrance to your property can quickly turn into a full blown infestation.

If you see signs of mice in your house - droppings, shredded paper, the actual mouse – call us, the professionals! We are here to help you find where the mice are hiding, eliminate the problem, and prevent the mice from coming back. Your dedicated specialist can inspect your home or business and point out entry points where mice and other rodents can potentially pass through.

Stay one step ahead of mice by contacting Western Exterminator today.

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